Android NDK r22 Beta 1 (build 6917172)
Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into update-shaderc

f05c076e Revert "Add more flexible SpirvToolsDisassemble interface to allow specifying spv_target_env for disassembly output. (#2406)"
2eed8236 Add more flexible SpirvToolsDisassemble interface to allow specifying spv_target_env for disassembly output. (#2406)
d0e7ed37 [spirv-remap] Fix undefined behavior in hashing (#2403)
1815d86a [Wconversion] Suppress glslang issue (#2404)
bacaef32 Update spirv-tools and spirv-headers known goods (#2401)
4dcc12d1 SPIRV: Add more utility functions to build some opcodes (#2398)
9eaa69c2 Preprocessor related issue fix (#2378)
ac2f01f4 SPIRV: Add disassembly support for multiple literal strings (#2397)
3933d7d4 Fix scope definition in ES 100. (#2379)
f8a5602c Fix #2385: guard against constant_id on non-const.
759ae5ae Merge pull request #2394 from ShabbyX/subpassLoad
d091728a Merge pull request #2395 from nihui/patch-4
967fa92d Try to find python interpreter from host first
91ac2245 Allow subpassLoad for ANGLE
6a6e311d Merge pull request #2388 from Tobski/rq-initialization-error
395bce6c Added missing copyright amendment
dc1b9762 Merge pull request #2386 from amdrexu/bugfix
20e9b248 Merge pull request #2389 from amdrexu/bugfix2
2d66614c SPIRV: Fix some disassembly issues
ed7a097d Error when initializing rayQuery with assignment
864cd8c6 Parser: Fix wrong names of extension macros
517f39ee Merge pull request #2380 from null77/suppress-override-warnings
bb52b5e4 Suppress two override suggestion warnings.
983698bb Revert "Merge pull request #2371 from RafaelMarinheiro/master"
9f9360d2 Merge pull request #2375 from juliusikkala/master
b357badc Obey ENABLE_PCH CMake option
f257e0ea Merge pull request #2371 from RafaelMarinheiro/master
8f0c6bd7 Merge pull request #2369 from ezdiy/c_api_export
758b3072 Build: fix a build warning
89cd45cc Use --test-root to pass files to Bazel tests.
5bfb4230 Merge pull request #2367 from KhronosGroup/fix-semantic-checking
01384725 Fix #2366, fix #2358, correctly separate out numerical feature checking
7d66a5d4 Non-functional (almost): Refactor when 'extensionRequested' is called.
bdf9e647 Non-functional: Remove reinventing the scalar type, note code issues
b58f308b Non-functional: spellings of "destinaton" and "addPairConversion"
d253278f Merge pull request #2370 from alan-baker/update-tools
157fe5f8 Update test expectations
fe116875 Update SPIRV-Tools and SPIRV-Headers known good
1fde85ab GLSLANG_EXPORT for C APIs.
d8daeb43 Non-functional: correctly do GL_EXT_buffer_reference2 semantic checking
6c37bbbb Non-functional: consistently use 'const TSourceLoc&' to pass location.
b60e067b SPV: Fix #1829: don't emit OpModuleProcessed use-storage-buffer
695e1de8 Merge pull request #2365 from KhronosGroup/update-gtests
23f3bdfe Build/Test: Dropping 2013 allows using the latest googletests.
2de6d657 SPV: Standalone; sanity check the client GLSL input semantics option value.
a1a497ff SPV: Use more correct SPV-Tools environment, partially addressing #2290
f881f083 SPV: Fix #2363: include trailing newline named text SPV output.
5743eed4 Merge pull request #2362 from ShabbyX/optimize_for_angle
928b7b26 Merge pull request #2361 from ben-clayton/revert-thread-local
1ef2e250 Use GLSLANG_ANGLE to strip features to what ANGLE requires
2a440648 Revert changes that migrate to `thread_local`.
7ab45646 Merge pull request #2359 from dneto0/fix-warn
01f2de51 Avoid spurious warning about uninit var

Testing: on Linux; unit tests on Windows
Change-Id: Ifa4886d3712122d29c3e478212d50d038423b97f