Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into update-shaderc

b5b08462 Merge pull request #1124 from xorgy/check-inner-implicit-atomic-uint
60209951 Merge pull request #1127 from xorgy/preprocessor-int-min-mod-negative-one
9d4a1b24 Preprocessor: Evaluate INT_MIN % -1 to 0.
047b65f9 Merge pull request #1125 from greg-lunarg/kg1
cc80d80d Update spirv-tools known-good
437911af GLSL: Check for implicit inner dimension in array of atomic_uint.
9cfc1551 Merge pull request #1118 from xorgy/only-swizzle-numbers-and-bools
016e47f7 Merge branch 'only-parse-inf-constant-in-hlsl' of into xorgy-only-parse-inf-constant-in-hlsl
6e33b787 Tests: Add test for GLSL +-#INF.
79a40740 Merge pull request #1120 from xorgy/overlong-hex-literal
60312662 GLSL: Only parse [-]1.#INF in HLSL mode.
9028ed20 Check for hexadecimal literals exceeding MaxTokenLength.
07c0bcea Only try swizzles on vectors, numbers, and booleans.
b1eaf82c Merge pull request #1115 from LoopDawg/stdarray-binding-set
2915da30 Nonfunctional: minor: use std::array for per-set shifts, fix warning.
573cc9e9 Merge pull request #1111 from LoopDawg/per-set-binding-offsets
7a9db71f SPV: Don't emit StorageImageMultisample capability for subpass images.
6cfeced8 Non-functional: missing comments from missed git add.
1b46f137 HLSL: Fix #1106. Support shader setting of binding/set for $Global.
08a14422 Add per-descriptor-set IO mapping shift values.
fe4e572c GLSL->SPIR-V: Put precision decorations on imageLoad().
f0e35bf0 GLSL: Make sampling operations have agnostic precision qualifiers for desktop.
3112b568 Merge pull request #1113 from xorgy/preprocessor-int-min-over-negative-one
0b55e0f2 Merge pull request #1102 from KhronosGroup/partially-flatten
dc756a61 Preprocessor: Evaluate INT_MIN / -1 to 0.
a50b107e Build: Fix build warning.
8b555f74 Merge pull request #1109 from xorgy/never-try-to-swizzle-void
5313613d Don't try to swizzle void.
856502cb Update spirv-tools known-good
7d67c6cb PP: Fix #1104: Missing check for #if overflow.
1a4bbc4a HLSL: More clip fix: It is more involved than previous commit. Complete.
4ce5b562 Fix #1103: clip() works on int/uint.
5889fa03 Tests: Add clip(int) tests.
cf571f73 Infrastructure: Add a TShader method to publicly expose the intermediate.
41aa1995 HLSL: Partially flatten hierarchies, instead of all or nothing.
60e91611 Merge pull request #1098 from LoopDawg/attribute-gets
0d1f63ec Merge pull request #1097 from SWIFTingAround/master
ad2bc097 Merge pull request #1094 from LoopDawg/split-shadow-tx
ddb45f8d Merge pull request #1080 from hedejing/master
52c087ff HLSL: add helper access methods to TAttributeMap
aab00012 Set cmake-policy CMP0048 to NEW
fdbd0eba Add getAsLoopNode() method for Loop node
028c5a8d HLSL: nonfunctional: rename setId -> switchId, add comment
bb79abcc HLSL: Validate implicit initializer assignment to opaque members.
07ed11f9 SPV: GeneratorVersion: bump version number because of atomic decrement change.
b27de028 Merge pull request #1090 from tafuri/#1084-fix-segfault
48d6e798 SPV: Correct semantics of atomic-counter decrement.
592e8f04 HLSL: Tests: Add subset of flattened opaque test to legalize results.
4f6865f4 Added test for local structured buffer variable
5133b108 Fixed formatting
908813c2 Merge pull request #1089 from LoopDawg/split-shadow-tx
0a826111 Only track variables in the global scope
73c57bbe HLSL: split textures used for both shadow and non-shadow modes
263986eb Readme: Update with additional Windows build information for SPIRV-tools build.
2c9c2af6 Merge pull request #1085 from KhronosGroup/flatten-assign-subset
700bdeb7 HLSL: Fix #954: Track/access subsets of flattened multi-level aggregates.
86a82bb9 Merge pull request #1081 from xxxbxxx/for-upstream-1
a6085875 HLSL: Fix crash when flattening both side of assignement simultaneously.
24919659 Merge pull request #1075 from LoopDawg/subpass-input
7f93d56e HLSL: add subpass input types and methods
092b7d2e Build: Fix a couple build issues.
77ea30bd HLSL: Additional attribute support: [[]], namespace, parameters:
3693e631 Fix #1060: Could crash if using --source-entry-point with -e; fixed.
5a57ca68 Merge pull request #1078 from greg-lunarg/addopt14
354a54c6 Legalization: Fix tests after workarounds removed
d41993d9 SPV: rationalize parameter handling for "original" and "writable" parameters.
bed4e4f7 HLSL: Pass opaques by local copy, instead of by interface original.
15fa7ef5 HLSL: Remove workarounds for assigning to opaques.
dabd1bf2 Merge pull request #1076 from LoopDawg/shadow-tx-types
195f584e HLSL: force textures to shadow modes from combined samplers
fc7aeaee Merge pull request #1077 from greg-lunarg/addopt12
52fe3d59 Legalization: Fix warnings and disable tests when spirv-tools not present
3ddcd3f1 Merge pull request #1070 from greg-lunarg/addopt8
e2b36163 Advance spirv-opt known-good to hopefully fix travis multithread failure
b56366ab Legalization: Skip spirv-tools tests
741d1f20 Pick up latest spirv-tools in attempt to fix travis failures
87fd7429 Try Python interpreter on in appveyor
f451756d Fix travis and appveyor calls to
cd1f169c Enable HLSL legalization
44dd6a00 Merge pull request #1072 from amdrexu/feature
e8fe8b0d Implement extension GL_NV_shader_atomic_int64
f21c173a Merge pull request #1071 from antiagainst/ninja-make
afa128a8 Travis: use make instead of ninja and limit concurrent jobs
9cf5dfbd Merge pull request #1063 from LoopDawg/remapper-error-cleanup
ea5204d1 Build: Merge pull request #1068 from greg-lunarg/addopt4
fd34f0e6 CMake changes for HLSL legalization
8004d365 Remapper: make remapper robust against non-exiting error handlers
5f77d864 HLSL: Fix #1064: Don't include empty structures on OpEntryPoint
31365afa Merge pull request #1044 from dsrbecky/image_external_essl3
ae8af5d3 HLSL: fix array[1] of vec4 constant declaration.
c64a9dd6 Test: Make another test legal HLSL, and rationalize GLSL vs HLSL addConstructor().
bdbbc68e HLSL: Add bounds checking, shared with GLSL. Partially address #1032.
346dd7c7 Merge pull request #1051 from LoopDawg/bug-1049
4a145dbf HLSL: handle split InputPatch templat type in patch constant functions
a5d86164 HLSL: allow mixed user & builtin members in hull shader output structure
ba6a3c29 GLSL: Make gl_Layer and gl_ViewportIndex always be outside blocks.
aab3bcff Merge pull request #1056 from KhronosGroup/glsl-entrypoint-rename
9855bdad GLSL: Promote HLSL entry-point renaming code to be used by GLSL as well.
4f4683d2 Merge pull request #1050 from amdrexu/feature
30ac0525 Merge pull request #1055 from KhronosGroup/strdup
d9bd97d0 Build: Fix strdup -> _strdup warnings.
b3ca4045 Build: Fix build warnings.
5002c26b Fix #1043: set all scan string-locations to have bias, not just the first one.
a25530cc Non-functional: Make usage for entry points more consistent.
e22c11fd Merge pull request #1053 from mchock-nv/mchock-nv-fix-lambda
ea1ea974 Address #1052: Have language-level exits of case statements.
933c10cd Delete unused 'this' capture
05506bb8 Implement the extension GL_AMD_shader_fragment_mask
d004e5ca Merge pull request #1047 from svenstaro/add-stdin-option
0dd1285c Add --stdin
8688e3fb Merge pull request #1048 from LoopDawg/opaque-type-fix
76117921 Fix lvalue check in SPIR-V generation
2c5b3d64 Add support for GL_OES_EGL_image_external_essl3

Test: on Linux; unit tests on Windows
Change-Id: I58d37c7e7a7fb77751c6a848d43e4957d18e7e84