Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master'

Pulls in the following:
e1cd410 Merge pull request #232 from Qining/fix-spec-const-bool-to-int-conversion
189b203 Refine the code and address comments
e24aa5e SpecOp bool->uint/int and uint<->int conversion
cec24c9 Merge pull request #231 from dneto0/gtests-link-to-hlsl
6f29a1b SPV for OpenGL: Issue #229: don't allow gl_VertexIndex or gl_InstanceIndex under -G.
c079210 Unit test executable should link to libHLSL
d995241 Merge pull request #226 from baldurk/warning-fixes
4028916 Fix warning about function parameter shadowing class member variable
3cb57d3 Fix warning about losing information, use size_t instead of int
6e620c4 Nonfunctional: Remove stray ';' and fix Google Test sentence in README.
7e3e486 Memory: Don't use pool memory to store the entry point name in the intermediate representation.
78a6b78 Front-end: Get the right set of nodes marked as spec-const.
a8d9fab Merge pull request #216 from Qining/fix-non-const-array-size-from-spec-const
75d1d80 add SpecConstantOpModeGuard to GlslangToSpvTraverser::visitSymbol()
4088766 Turn on SpecConstantOpMode based on node qualifier
4c91261 fix the wrong generated code when a non-constant array is declared with its size derived from spec constant operations
aa0298b Merge pull request #220 from Qining/fix-built-in-spec-constants
4f4bb81 Built-in values declared as specialization constant
1c7e707 Merge branch 'master' into hlsl-frontend
9c2f1c7 Merge branch 'master' of
79845ad Merge pull request #217 from baldurk/vs2010-compile-fixes
bb5743e Merge pull request #219 from 1ace/master
6a6d6dd fix spelling mistakes
f0bcb0a Comment: fix comment from gtest check in.
bd9f835 Specify explicit return type on lambda function
0dfbe3f Change {parameter} lists into explicit std::vector temporaries
a42533e Merge pull request #190 from antiagainst/gtest
af59197 Merge pull request #214 from amdrexu/bugfix
3dad506 Merge pull request #215 from Qining/spec-constants-operations
5c61d8e fix format; remove unnecessary parameters; rename some spec op mode guard class; remove support of float point comparison and composite type comparison; update the tests.
414eb60 Link in Google Test framework.
1354520 Spec Constant Operations
cb0e471 Parser: Update array size of gl_ClipDistance/gl_CullDistance in gl_in[].
c3869fe Merge pull request #211 from Qining/spec-constants-composite
0840838 Support specialization composite constants
28001b1 Merge pull request #212 from amdrexu/bugfix
4e8bf59 Parser: Fix a build issue (VS2012).
5ace09a Merge pull request #210 from AWoloszyn/fix-compilation
272afd2 Fixed compilation issue introduced by my last commit
56368b6 Merge pull request #198 from AWoloszyn/update-includer
ddb65a4 Front-end: Propagate spec-constness up through aggregate constructors.
a132af5 Updated the includer interface to allow relative includes.
aecd497 HLSL: Abstract accepting an identifier.
078d7f2 HLSL: Simplify appearances a bit to make easier to read.
5f934b0 HLSL: Accept basic funtion definitions.  (Not yet mapping input/output for entry point.)
48882ef HLSL: Get correct set of reserved words.
d016be1 HLSL: Hook up constructor expressions through the AST.
87142c7 HLSL: Add basic declaration syntax and AST generation.
e01a9bc HLSL: Plumb in HLSL parse context and keywords, and most basic HLSL parser and test.
b3dc3ac Refactor TParseContext into 3 level inheritance.
66e2faf Support multiple source languages, adding HLSL as an option.
4d65ee3 Generalize "main" to a settable entry point name.