Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into update-shaderc

88e88e59 HLSL: Non-functional: Remove dead .length() code.
516d92d3 HLSL: Non-functional: Drive existing method recognition by syntax, not by name.
78388726 HLSL: Non-functional: Don't process function name/parameters before expected a function declaration.
b7201f8e Merge pull request #756 from steve-lunarg/getdimensions-fix
ca71d946 HLSL: Grammar: Generalize accepting a declaration to accept an aggregate of subtrees.
3ce4536a HLSL: use LOD form of ImageQuerySize when needed.
057df293 HLSL: Fix #754: recognize type casts in if-statements separately from declarations.
621c0e3d Merge pull request #755 from steve-lunarg/sb-orderfix
40efe5ce WIP: HLSL: Fix ordering defect if global SB decl after fn param
33f85b6e SPV: Allow push constant buffers to not have an instance name.
789086a8 HLSL: Test for issue #699.
322cb192 Merge pull request #750 from dgkoch/rename_KHX_to_EXT
27ffb299 HLSL: Add 'class' keyword as (so far) synonym for 'struct'.
efc97279 Rename KHX to EXT to match the released specs
c18cae21 Merge pull request #748 from dgkoch/dgkoch_build_fixes2
d9b7a850 More build fixes
854fe247 HLSL: Fix #747: accept 'struct' in front of previously user-defined type name.
0479437a SPV: Fix #739: OpSelect can only operate on scalars and vectors.
173c0c01 Merge pull request #744 from realitix/sanitize_sh_link
9c3f7b60 Merge pull request #746 from dgkoch/dgkoch_build_fixes
efeefd98 Build: Another fix for issue #718: implement the hidden methods of tFinalize.
197082ca Fix build warnings on some platforms
bc3fdcc8 Sanitize ShaderLang.h
3494d71c PP: Fix issue #738: don't assert on characters within a string.
fb22b69f PP: Partially address issue #738: handle premature end of argument when token pasting.
45c1b5b9 Merge pull request #742 from steve-lunarg/f16tof32-typefix
fdbfb65e HLSL: small fix for index type in f16tof32 opcode
5a042c06 GLSL: Fix #741: rationalize per-block vs. per-member offset checking.
69a2c696 Merge pull request #736 from steve-lunarg/structbuffer-params
b67b4a70 PP: Address #737: accept 'h'/'H' floating-point suffix more broadly.
dd8287a1 WIP: HLSL: add structuredbuffer pass by reference in fn params

Test: on Linux; unit tests on Windows
Change-Id: Icc17a9b321904417f9da43d5b0d2ca60e4d4e980