Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into update-shaderc

664ad418 Fix #1879: Check for valid variable before checking for unsized arrays.
34953810 Merge pull request #1892 from greg-lunarg/kg106
d6df1fb1 Update spirv-tools and spriv-headers known good.
56f61ccc Merge pull request #1889 from Roy-AMD/code-refine
2ad4492e code refine
e8e138b9 Merge pull request #6 from Roy-AMD/sync
f7f2694b Merge pull request #5 from KhronosGroup/master
92f5afde Placeholder fix for part of #1870.
7de044c0 Non-functional: Make whitespace/braces consistent for a recent commit.
796df2d7 Merge pull request #1885 from zoddicus/fixUnInitializedVariableWarnings
8b91ecba Change to initializing the variable
6d35ae89 Return nullptr after assert to avoid uninitialized variables
14e13e75 Merge pull request #1876 from jeffbolznv/imma
df1d4ccf ESSL/SPV: Fix #1856: Allow ESSL shaders to compile to OpenGL SPIR-V.
efd47a8f Documentation: Provide more detail in setting up the environment.
f27bd2aa Merge pull request #1883 from Kangz/fix_gn
5442b4ff Add missing HLSL files.
9f5a43a5 Merge pull request #1881 from baldurk/buffer-array-bind-reflection-fix
32d18c55 Merge pull request #1882 from Kangz/fix-chrome
9757da4f GN build (for Chromium): enable HLSL in dependents.
1f1e5369 Dereference any array type before expanding root-level SSBO members
d6a5cc65 Merge pull request #1878 from dneto0/chrome-fix
96bec343 GN build (for Chromium): enable HLSL
387657e4 GL_NV_integer_cooperative_matrix support
a3bc04b2 Bump revision.
c190d5bc Merge pull request #1874 from KhronosGroup/inherit-memory-qualifiers
9a5689f6 GLSL: Inherit memory qualifiers, both declaratively and in execution.
28f314d4 Merge pull request #1875 from jonahryandavis/extra-tokens
c27def37 Fix conformance with -Wextra-tokens
c8176004 Bump version.
ea69a298 Merge pull request #1855 from KhronosGroup/web
369ffa95 web: Fix accidental additon of refract() prototypes and update README.
deec1933 Web: Turn off includes, independent preprocessing path, fine tune all.
b9197c81 Web: Make switched methods all be non-virtual, more web-dependent code,
d8834df9 Web: Optional error management and error tightening.
fb4f2333 Web: Use isEsProfile() instead of run-time testing; remove more atomics
155d351f Web: Remove unused stage functionality, SPIR-V logger, and hex_utils
39697cdb Web: Remove unnecessary GLSL numeric types, and some collateral.
3e4b6ff7 Web: Tighten up sampling code and interfaces.
eaf44963 Web: Complete the removal of vendor-specific #ifdef's, including CMake.
441b2ac4 Web: Prune grammar and lexor down to needed subset.
a28f7a75 Web: Generalize _EXTENSIONS* in SPIR-V back-end.
b6d3ee5a Web: Turn off bracket-style attributes, reflection, and IO mapping.
7015bd65 Web: Remove/rationalize a set of *_EXTENSIONS, using GLSLANG_WEB.
e66dace9 Web: First pass of tabling the built-in function declarations.
23d27751 Web: Selectively remove a few key features, using #ifndef GLSLANG_WEB
bfc21ff1 Web: Change a bunch of HLSL methods from dynamic to compile-time known.
d4ed5158 Web: Remove a few additional HLSL constructs with ENABLE_HLSL.
13761069 Web: Add sanity check test suite for smaller-footprint builds.
34cccdc6 Merge pull request #1872 from kainino0x/js-interface
3aac2d44 Bump revision.
a761284f convert_glsl_to_spirv: fail early, reduce copies, remove input buffer allocation
b16a4bc4 make glslang.js easy to use
a91561d5 enable build for node
95609e6d Set theme jekyll-theme-merlot
37fc4d27 Merge pull request #1867 from zoddicus/addWebBuild
7eb3e6e0 Make non-emscripten flags platform agnostic.
c1063cd5 Converted ENABLE_HLSL to a dependent option, so it can be always disabled in web builds
734176a2 Move build instructions to
c96e42dc Add WASM build target for Web version of glslang
3cea2e58 Bump revision and give the bots another chance to work.
a0eb5efd Merge pull request #1860 from zoddicus/fixShaderCRoll
1f6fedd3 Add in header for uint32_t definition
eea34004 Merge pull request #1859 from zoddicus/fixNoRTTIForWindows
8126eb19 Convert no RTTI rule to be compiler specific
f04f1f93 Merge pull request #1857 from Roy-AMD/automapping-opengl-location
7fc86834 Merge pull request #1813 from jeffbolznv/compositeconstruct
642b6ad9 Merge pull request #1844 from alelenv/ast_print_fix
03a93ae1 Fix Clang compiler warning.
c24033af Fix location distribution not in order
1247baa6 Merge branch 'sync' into automapping-opengl-location
42f81340 Merge pull request #1853 from s-perron/per
208cb580 Remove execute permission from LICENSE.txt
8a5824f5 Fix memory init issue, to make sure the class members are init in order.
302fe97e Revert "Merge pull request #1792 from Roy-AMD/automapping-opengl-location"
50ada66c Merge pull request #1792 from Roy-AMD/automapping-opengl-location
3464b6f5 Merge pull request #1847 from alelenv/member_remap_fix
c1e61d6c Fix bugs in missing Builtin decoration for some NV builtins for tessellation control shaders. Fix bug in member remapping.
2bb2da91 SPV: Update to latest SPIR-V header.
333d1c95 Merge pull request #1845 from greg-lunarg/kg105
38317065 Update spirv-tools and spirv-headers known good.
9f2236e5 Build: shut up warning to add unnecessary parens.
a76d1c21 Fix bug in printing trailing comma when dumping AST for a structure.
74426f75 Merge pull request #1841 from jmacnak-nv/jmacnak-raytracing-descriptor-indexing-validation
ea5715ca Update known good SPIRV-Tools commit
53134490 Handle SPIR-V type mismatch when constructing a composite
fc017379 code format refine
a137d2ba Add interface symbol and uniform symbol location auto mapping for OpenGL shader.
faebe101 Merge pull request #3 from KhronosGroup/master
adec2ec1 Merge pull request #1 from KhronosGroup/master

Testing: on Linux; unit testing on Windows
Change-Id: Ia8e7680208f067bca64745c0761671cf94aecd2a