Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into update-shaderc

Includes the following:
8ce6e2b Fix non-Windows build error.
f97f2ce HLSL: Support the constructor idiom "(struct type)0".
98ad485 HLSL: Support {...} initializer lists that are too short.
1c98904 Fix crash by returning early from finalCheck() if there is no tree to process.
5307eb2 Non-functional: Change a bunch of 0 to nullptr.
509c421 Non-functional: Fix typos.
e50dc53 Warn on HLSL not finding entry point. Issue #588.
517fe7a Non-functional: Rename some entry-point variables to entryPoint, not main.
fca8262 Always correctly terminate main. Issue #588, PR #600.
1c573fb Merge pull request #601 from BearishSun/master
e122f05 Merge pull request #599 from steve-lunarg/gs
6e848da Merge pull request #596 from steve-lunarg/hlsl-intrinsic-parsing
d347794 Merge pull request #597 from steve-lunarg/sample-keyword-fix
32c294e Adding a way to retrieve vertex attribute TType using TProgram reflection API (required in order to query location attributes).
f49cdf4 WIP: HLSL: Add GS support
75fd223 HLSL: allow "sample" as a valid identifier.
0842dbb HLSL: use HLSL parser to parse HLSL intrinsic prototypes, enable int/bool mats
fabe7d6 Test results: Fix incorrect test result caused by parallel development. Issue #594.
0bf06d3 Merge pull request #576 from steve-lunarg/uav-registers
20b030a Merge pull request #592 from ChrisGautier/barrier-wg
c3f1cdf GLSL: The execution scope for barriers should be Workgroup.
84d11e1 Merge pull request #583 from null77/fix-unref-warning
610ff83 Merge pull request #589 from steve-lunarg/vec1-promotion-fix
d9cb832 HLSL: allow promotion from 1-vector types to scalars, e.g, float<-float1
e69e196 Merge pull request #584 from steve-lunarg/attribute-expressions
a22f7db HLSL: Allow expressions in attributes
57cb69a Fix unrefenced variable warning with AMD_EXTENSIONS disabled.
d3f1122 Whole stack: Fix stale types in the AST linker object nodes, fixing #557.
9088be4 Add UAV (image) binding offset and HLSL register support
e5e58cf Merge pull request #575 from steve-lunarg/iomap-warning-fix
5b2d667 Fix build warnings in remapper, re-indent for glslang standard
89df3c2 Merge pull request #572 from steve-lunarg/numthreads
1061acc Merge pull request #562 from TiemoJung/io_map_control_publish
909b8af Merge pull request #570 from steve-lunarg/mintypes
cf35b17 Merge pull request #574 from dneto0/android-has-no-std-stoi
e301f67 Use std::atoi instead of std::stoi
3226b08 HLSL: Add min*{float,int,uint} types
1868b14 HLSL: implement numthreads for compute shaders
e19e68d Merge pull request #571 from baldurk/explicit-lambda-returns
ca73570 Add explicit lambda return types, for compilers without C++14 support
c2016a5 New uniform mapping handling
9507885 Merge pull request #560 from jeremy-lunarg/pragmas
5163446 Merge pull request #568 from steve-lunarg/logicalop-fix
aba4440 Merge pull request #567 from steve-lunarg/compare-fix
850ac06 Merge pull request #561 from jeremy-lunarg/unused
27939ca HLSL: allow component-wise operations for logical || and &&.
85244d7 HLSL: Enable component-wise vector comparisons from operators
0d628c1 Merge pull request #565 from mre4ce/master
4e3dd20 WIP: avoid strtok
c8e60e2 WIP: apply unused variable
d130075 update
2f4c832 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
8e1e717 fixed MSVC 2015 compile warnings
3fc1543 Merge pull request #559 from steve-lunarg/samplecmp-fix
04e2dc1 Merge pull request #558 from steve-lunarg/image-atomics
921d315 Merge pull request #555 from steve-lunarg/promotion-fixes
720e89b Merge pull request #556 from dneto0/guard-amd-enums
6b59668 HLSL: fix defect in EOpMethodSampleCmp* texture decomposition
6cb1637 Move promote methods to TIntermediate class
2232236 HLSL: phase 4 of rwtexture support: add image atomics
bb5c02f Add missing guard to code that uses AMD extensions
e5921f1 HLSL: Fix unary and binary operator type conversion issues
e07c703 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
5a00501 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
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Test: on Linux x86; unit tests on Windows
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