Fix non-Windows build error.
diff --git a/glslang/Include/revision.h b/glslang/Include/revision.h
index 480953e..5445009 100644
--- a/glslang/Include/revision.h
+++ b/glslang/Include/revision.h
@@ -2,5 +2,5 @@
 // For the version, it uses the latest git tag followed by the number of commits.
 // For the date, it uses the current date (when then script is run).
-#define GLSLANG_REVISION "Overload400-PrecQual.1666"
+#define GLSLANG_REVISION "Overload400-PrecQual.1667"
 #define GLSLANG_DATE "27-Nov-2016"
diff --git a/hlsl/hlslParseHelper.h b/hlsl/hlslParseHelper.h
index 02e6981..246c7c4 100755
--- a/hlsl/hlslParseHelper.h
+++ b/hlsl/hlslParseHelper.h
@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@
     void declareArray(const TSourceLoc&, TString& identifier, const TType&, TSymbol*&, bool track);
     TIntermNode* executeInitializer(const TSourceLoc&, TIntermTyped* initializer, TVariable* variable);
     TIntermTyped* convertInitializerList(const TSourceLoc&, const TType&, TIntermTyped* initializer);
-    bool HlslParseContext::isZeroConstructor(const TIntermNode*);
+    bool isZeroConstructor(const TIntermNode*);
     TOperator mapAtomicOp(const TSourceLoc& loc, TOperator op, bool isImage);
     // Return true if this node requires L-value conversion (e.g, to an imageStore).