check_seapp: add support for "neverallow" checks

Introduce "neverallow" rules for seapp_contexts. A neverallow rule is
similar to the existing key-value-pair entries but the line begins
with "neverallow". A neverallow violation is detected when all keys,
both inputs and outputs are matched. The neverallow rules value
parameter (not the key) can contain regular expressions to assist in
matching. Neverallow rules are never output to the generated
seapp_contexts file.

Also, unless -o is specified, checkseapp runs in silent mode and
outputs nothing. Specifying - as an argument to -o outputs to stdout.

Sample Output:
Error: Rule in File "external/sepolicy/seapp_contexts" on line 87: "user=fake domain=system_app type=app_data_file" violates neverallow in File "external/sepolicy/seapp_contexts" on line 57: "user=((?!system).)* domain=system_app"

Change-Id: Ia4dcbf02feb774f2e201bb0c5d4ce385274d8b8d
Signed-off-by: William Roberts <>
4 files changed