check_seapp: mac build memory leak

rule_map_free() took as a parameter a boolean menu rule_map_switch
that was used to determine if it should free the key pointer that
is also in the table. On GLIBC variants, calls to hdestroy do not
free the key pointer, on NON-GLIBC variants, it does. The original
patch was meant to correct this, however, it always passes "destroy"
as the rule_map_switch. On GLIBC variants this is fine, however on
NON-GLIBC variants, that free was compiled out, and the free() was
handled by hdestroy. In cases of failure where the rule_map was not
in the htable, those key's were not properly free'd.

Change-Id: Ifdf616e09862bca642a4d31bf0cb266168170e50
Signed-off-by: William Roberts <>
1 file changed