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# File types must be defined for file_contexts.
type su_exec, exec_type, file_type;
# Domain used for su processes, as well as for adbd and adb shell
# after performing an adb root command. The domain definition is
# wrapped to ensure that it does not exist at all on -user builds.
type su, domain;
domain_auto_trans(shell, su_exec, su)
# Allow dumpstate to call su on userdebug / eng builds to collect
# additional information.
domain_auto_trans(dumpstate, su_exec, su)
# su is also permissive to permit setenforce.
permissive su;
# Add su to various domains
dontaudit su self:capability_class_set *;
dontaudit su kernel:security *;
dontaudit su kernel:system *;
dontaudit su self:memprotect *;
dontaudit su domain:process *;
dontaudit su domain:fd *;
dontaudit su domain:dir *;
dontaudit su domain:lnk_file *;
dontaudit su domain:{ fifo_file file } *;
dontaudit su domain:socket_class_set *;
dontaudit su domain:ipc_class_set *;
dontaudit su domain:key *;
dontaudit su fs_type:filesystem *;
dontaudit su {fs_type dev_type file_type}:dir_file_class_set *;
dontaudit su node_type:node *;
dontaudit su node_type:{ tcp_socket udp_socket rawip_socket } *;
dontaudit su netif_type:netif *;
dontaudit su port_type:socket_class_set *;
dontaudit su port_type:{ tcp_socket dccp_socket } *;
dontaudit su domain:peer *;
dontaudit su domain:binder *;
dontaudit su property_type:property_service *;