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//===-- -----------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#ifndef SCUDO_FLAG
#error "Define SCUDO_FLAG prior to including this file!"
SCUDO_FLAG(int, quarantine_size_kb, 0,
"Size (in kilobytes) of quarantine used to delay the actual "
"deallocation of chunks. Lower value may reduce memory usage but "
"decrease the effectiveness of the mitigation.")
SCUDO_FLAG(int, thread_local_quarantine_size_kb, 0,
"Size (in kilobytes) of per-thread cache used to offload the global "
"quarantine. Lower value may reduce memory usage but might increase "
"the contention on the global quarantine.")
SCUDO_FLAG(int, quarantine_max_chunk_size, 0,
"Size (in bytes) up to which chunks will be quarantined (if lower "
"than or equal to).")
SCUDO_FLAG(bool, dealloc_type_mismatch, false,
"Terminate on a type mismatch in allocation-deallocation functions, "
"eg: malloc/delete, new/free, new/delete[], etc.")
SCUDO_FLAG(bool, delete_size_mismatch, true,
"Terminate on a size mismatch between a sized-delete and the actual "
"size of a chunk (as provided to new/new[]).")
SCUDO_FLAG(bool, zero_contents, false, "Zero chunk contents on allocation.")
SCUDO_FLAG(bool, pattern_fill_contents, false,
"Pattern fill chunk contents on allocation.")
SCUDO_FLAG(bool, may_return_null, true,
"Indicate whether the allocator should terminate instead of "
"returning NULL in otherwise non-fatal error scenarios, eg: OOM, "
"invalid allocation alignments, etc.")
SCUDO_FLAG(int, release_to_os_interval_ms, SCUDO_ANDROID ? INT32_MIN : 5000,
"Interval (in milliseconds) at which to attempt release of unused "
"memory to the OS. Negative values disable the feature.")
SCUDO_FLAG(int, hard_rss_limit_mb, 0,
"Hard RSS Limit in Mb. If non-zero, once the limit is achieved, "
"abort the process")
SCUDO_FLAG(int, soft_rss_limit_mb, 0,
"Soft RSS Limit in Mb. If non-zero, once the limit is reached, all "
"subsequent calls will fail or return NULL until the RSS goes below "
"the soft limit")
SCUDO_FLAG(int, allocation_ring_buffer_size, 32768,
"Entries to keep in the allocation ring buffer for scudo.")