Imported Scudo Standalone changes:

  - 681773f2919ddf8af0e2ff3474a443df6a15a5e2 scudo: Instead of exporting a pointer to the allocator, e... by Peter Collingbourne <>
  - 041547eb4eb0fcb2155af7537aaed7f601ea6343 scudo: Table driven size classes for Android allocator. by Peter Collingbourne <>
  - 9068766b9a523350060f0817c7f50df09de3a69c scudo: Add a dump of primary allocation sizes to malloc_i... by Peter Collingbourne <>
  - e79c3b4c2d22256d8e66b6a908268e83bc8c4634 scudo: Fix Android build. by Peter Collingbourne <>

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