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  1. alg-ecdsa-p256.der
  2. alg-ecdsa-p384.der
  3. alg-ecdsa-sha256.der
  4. alg-ecdsa-sha384.der
  5. alg-ed25519.der
  6. alg-rsa-encryption.der
  7. alg-rsa-pkcs1-sha256.der
  8. alg-rsa-pkcs1-sha384.der
  9. alg-rsa-pkcs1-sha512.der
  10. alg-rsa-pss-sha256.der
  11. alg-rsa-pss-sha384.der
  12. alg-rsa-pss-sha512.der

These files contain the binary DER encoding of the values of some ASN.1 AlgorithmIdentifiers, without the outer SEQUENCE tag or the outer length component.

These files were encoded with the help of der-ascii. They can be decoded using:

go get
der2ascii -i <filename> -o <filename>.ascii

New or modified der-ascii files can be encoded using:

go get
ascii2der i <filename>.ascii -o <filename>