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weak-table: weak hash maps and sets for Rust

Build Status Crates.io License: MIT

This crate defines several kinds of weak hash maps and sets. See the full API documentation for details.

Rust version support

This crate supports Rust version 1.46 and later.

Crate features

weak-table is built with the std feature, which enables functionality dependent on the std library, enabled by default. Optionally, the following dependency may be enabled:

  • ahash: use ahash’s hasher rather than the std hasher

If the std feature is disabled (for no_std) then the ahash dependency must be enabled.


Here we create a weak hash map and demonstrate that it forgets mappings whose keys expire:

use weak_table::WeakKeyHashMap;
use std::sync::{Arc, Weak};

let mut table = <WeakKeyHashMap<Weak<str>, u32>>::new();
let one = Arc::<str>::from("one");
let two = Arc::<str>::from("two");

table.insert(one.clone(), 1);

assert_eq!( table.get("one"), Some(&1) );
assert_eq!( table.get("two"), None );

table.insert(two.clone(), 2);
*table.get_mut(&one).unwrap() += 10;

assert_eq!( table.get("one"), Some(&11) );
assert_eq!( table.get("two"), Some(&2) );


assert_eq!( table.get("one"), None );
assert_eq!( table.get("two"), Some(&2) );

Here we use a weak hash set to implement a simple string interning facility:

use weak_table::WeakHashSet;
use std::ops::Deref;
use std::rc::{Rc, Weak};

#[derive(Clone, Debug)]
pub struct Symbol(Rc<str>);

impl PartialEq for Symbol {
    fn eq(&self, other: &Symbol) -> bool {
        Rc::ptr_eq(&self.0, &other.0)

impl Eq for Symbol {}

impl Deref for Symbol {
    type Target = str;
    fn deref(&self) -> &str {

#[derive(Debug, Default)]
pub struct SymbolTable(WeakHashSet<Weak<str>>);

impl SymbolTable {
    pub fn new() -> Self {

    pub fn intern(&mut self, name: &str) -> Symbol {
        if let Some(rc) = self.0.get(name) {
        } else {
            let rc = Rc::<str>::from(name);

fn interning() {
    let mut tab = SymbolTable::new();

    let a0 = tab.intern("a");
    let a1 = tab.intern("a");
    let b  = tab.intern("b");

    assert_eq!(a0, a1);
    assert_ne!(a0, b);