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// Copyright (c) 2016 The vulkano developers
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
//> or the MIT
// license <LICENSE-MIT or>,
// at your option. All files in the project carrying such
// notice may not be copied, modified, or distributed except
// according to those terms.
//! Low-level builders that allow submitting an operation to a queue.
//! In order to submit an operation to the GPU, you must use one of the builder structs of this
//! module. These structs are low-level and unsafe, and are mostly used to implement other parts
//! of vulkano, so you are encouraged to not use them directly.
pub use self::bind_sparse::SubmitBindSparseBatchBuilder;
pub use self::bind_sparse::SubmitBindSparseBufferBindBuilder;
pub use self::bind_sparse::SubmitBindSparseBuilder;
pub use self::bind_sparse::SubmitBindSparseError;
pub use self::bind_sparse::SubmitBindSparseImageBindBuilder;
pub use self::bind_sparse::SubmitBindSparseImageOpaqueBindBuilder;
pub use self::queue_present::SubmitPresentBuilder;
pub use self::queue_present::SubmitPresentError;
pub use self::queue_submit::SubmitCommandBufferBuilder;
pub use self::queue_submit::SubmitCommandBufferError;
pub use self::semaphores_wait::SubmitSemaphoresWaitBuilder;
mod bind_sparse;
mod queue_present;
mod queue_submit;
mod semaphores_wait;
/// Contains all the possible submission builders.
pub enum SubmitAnyBuilder<'a> {
impl<'a> SubmitAnyBuilder<'a> {
/// Returns true if equal to `SubmitAnyBuilder::Empty`.
pub fn is_empty(&self) -> bool {
match self {
&SubmitAnyBuilder::Empty => true,
_ => false,