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//! Wrappers for Tokio types that implement `Stream`.
/// Error types for the wrappers.
pub mod errors {
cfg_sync! {
pub use crate::wrappers::broadcast::BroadcastStreamRecvError;
mod mpsc_bounded;
pub use mpsc_bounded::ReceiverStream;
mod mpsc_unbounded;
pub use mpsc_unbounded::UnboundedReceiverStream;
cfg_sync! {
mod broadcast;
pub use broadcast::BroadcastStream;
mod watch;
pub use watch::WatchStream;
cfg_time! {
mod interval;
pub use interval::IntervalStream;
cfg_net! {
mod tcp_listener;
pub use tcp_listener::TcpListenerStream;
mod unix_listener;
pub use unix_listener::UnixListenerStream;
cfg_io_util! {
mod split;
pub use split::SplitStream;
mod lines;
pub use lines::LinesStream;
cfg_fs! {
mod read_dir;
pub use read_dir::ReadDirStream;