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attr(deny(warnings, rust_2018_idioms), allow(dead_code, unused_variables))
//! Stream utilities for Tokio.
//! A `Stream` is an asynchronous sequence of values. It can be thought of as
//! an asynchronous version of the standard library's `Iterator` trait.
//! This crate provides helpers to work with them. For examples of usage and a more in-depth
//! description of streams you can also refer to the [streams
//! tutorial]( on the tokio website.
//! # Iterating over a Stream
//! Due to similarities with the standard library's `Iterator` trait, some new
//! users may assume that they can use `for in` syntax to iterate over a
//! `Stream`, but this is unfortunately not possible. Instead, you can use a
//! `while let` loop as follows:
//! ```rust
//! use tokio_stream::{self as stream, StreamExt};
//! #[tokio::main]
//! async fn main() {
//! let mut stream = stream::iter(vec![0, 1, 2]);
//! while let Some(value) = {
//! println!("Got {}", value);
//! }
//! }
//! ```
//! # Returning a Stream from a function
//! A common way to stream values from a function is to pass in the sender
//! half of a channel and use the receiver as the stream. This requires awaiting
//! both futures to ensure progress is made. Another alternative is the
//! [async-stream] crate, which contains macros that provide a `yield` keyword
//! and allow you to return an `impl Stream`.
//! [async-stream]:
//! # Conversion to and from AsyncRead/AsyncWrite
//! It is often desirable to convert a `Stream` into an [`AsyncRead`],
//! especially when dealing with plaintext formats streamed over the network.
//! The opposite conversion from an [`AsyncRead`] into a `Stream` is also
//! another commonly required feature. To enable these conversions,
//! [`tokio-util`] provides the [`StreamReader`] and [`ReaderStream`]
//! types when the io feature is enabled.
//! [`tokio-util`]:
//! [`tokio::io`]:
//! [`AsyncRead`]:
//! [`AsyncWrite`]:
//! [`ReaderStream`]:
//! [`StreamReader`]:
mod macros;
pub mod wrappers;
mod stream_ext;
pub use stream_ext::{collect::FromStream, StreamExt};
mod empty;
pub use empty::{empty, Empty};
mod iter;
pub use iter::{iter, Iter};
mod once;
pub use once::{once, Once};
mod pending;
pub use pending::{pending, Pending};
mod stream_map;
pub use stream_map::StreamMap;
pub use futures_core::Stream;