All notable changes to the standback project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on [Keep a Changelog]. This project adheres to [Semantic Versioning].

0.2.10 [2020-08-23]

  • Support for Rust 1.45.0 and 1.46.0 APIs has been added.
  • float::to_int_unchecked has been added (stabilized in Rust 1.44.0).

0.2.9 [2020-06-04]

  • Support for Rust 1.44.0 APIs has been added.
  • Non-stable releases are now supported. All releases are treated as equivalent to the stable that was out at the time.

0.2.8 [2020-04-27]

Removed the primitive module, as it caused internal compiler errors in older compilers.

0.2.7 [2020-04-25]

This version has been yanked from

Additional modules and constants were added for Rust 1.43.0.

0.2.6 [2020-04-21]

Support for Rust 1.43.0 APIs has been added.

0.2.5 [2020-04-20]

  • TryFrom, TryInto and correctly re-exported.
  • TryFromIntError has been moved to mod num.

0.2.4 [2020-04-20]

  • TryFrom identity is implemented for some primitives.

0.2.3 [2020-04-18]

Embedded and #![no_std] now have full support and are checked in CI.

0.2.2 [2020-04-02]

The version of rustc being used will now respect the $RUSTC environment variable.

0.2.1 [2020-03-13]

Support for Rust 1.42.0 APIs has been added.

0.2.0 [2020-03-10]

  • MaybeUninit is restricted to Copy types, eliminating undefined behavior.
  • todo! has been moved to the prelude.

0.1.0 [2020-03-05]

Initial release.