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f16 and bf16 floating point types for Rust

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This crate implements a half-precision floating point f16 type for Rust implementing the IEEE 754-2008 standard binary16 a.k.a half format, as well as a bf16 type implementing the bfloat16 format.


The f16 and bf16 types provides conversion operations as a normal Rust floating point type, but since they are primarily leveraged for minimal floating point storage and most major hardware does not implement them, all math operations are done as an f32 type under the hood. Complex arithmetic should manually convert to and from f32 for better performance.

This crate provides no_std support by default so can easily be used in embedded code where a smaller float format is most useful.

Requires Rust 1.58 or greater. If you need support for older versions of Rust, use 1.x versions of this crate.

See the crate documentation for more details.

Optional Features

  • serde - Implement Serialize and Deserialize traits for f16 and bf16. This adds a dependency on the serde crate.

  • use-intrinsics - Use hardware intrinsics for f16 and bf16 conversions if available on the compiler host target. By default, without this feature, conversions are done only in software, which will be the fallback if the host target does not have hardware support. Available only on Rust nightly channel.

  • alloc - Enable use of the alloc crate when not using the std library.

    This enables the vec module, which contains zero-copy conversions for the Vec type. This allows fast conversion between raw Vec<u16> bits and Vec<f16> or Vec<bf16> arrays, and vice versa.

  • std - Enable features that depend on the Rust std library, including everything in the alloc feature.

    Enabling the std feature enables runtime CPU feature detection when the use-intrsincis feature is also enabled. Without this feature detection, intrinsics are only used when compiler host target supports them.

  • num-traits - Enable ToPrimitive, FromPrimitive, Num, Float, FloatCore and Bounded trait implementations from the num-traits crate.

  • bytemuck - Enable Zeroable and Pod trait implementations from the bytemuck crate.

  • zerocopy - Enable AsBytes and FromBytes trait implementations from the zerocopy crate.

More Documentation


This library is distributed under the terms of either of:

at your option.

This project is REUSE-compliant. Copyrights are retained by their contributors. Some files may include explicit copyright notices and/or license SPDX identifiers. For full authorship information, see the version control history.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.