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#![warn(rust_2018_idioms, single_use_lifetimes)]
use std::env;
// The rustc-cfg listed below are considered public API, but it is *unstable*
// and outside of the normal semver guarantees:
// - `futures_no_atomic_cas`
// Assume the target does *not* support atomic CAS operations.
// This is usually detected automatically by the build script, but you may
// need to enable it manually when building for custom targets or using
// non-cargo build systems that don't run the build script.
// With the exceptions mentioned above, the rustc-cfg strings below are
// *not* public API. Please let us know by opening a GitHub issue if your build
// environment requires some way to enable these cfgs other than by executing
// our build script.
fn main() {
let target = match env::var("TARGET") {
Ok(target) => target,
Err(e) => {
"cargo:warning={}: unable to get TARGET environment variable: {}",
// Note that this is `no_*`, not `has_*`. This allows treating
// `cfg(target_has_atomic = "ptr")` as true when the build script doesn't
// run. This is needed for compatibility with non-cargo build systems that
// don't run the build script.
if NO_ATOMIC_CAS_TARGETS.contains(&&*target) {