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//! Asynchronous channels.
//! Like threads, concurrent tasks sometimes need to communicate with each
//! other. This module contains two basic abstractions for doing so:
//! - [oneshot], a way of sending a single value from one task to another.
//! - [mpsc], a multi-producer, single-consumer channel for sending values
//! between tasks, analogous to the similarly-named structure in the standard
//! library.
//! All items are only available when the `std` or `alloc` feature of this
//! library is activated, and it is activated by default.
#![cfg_attr(not(feature = "std"), no_std)]
#![warn(missing_docs, missing_debug_implementations, rust_2018_idioms, unreachable_pub)]
// It cannot be included in the published code because this lints have false positives in the minimum required version.
#![cfg_attr(test, warn(single_use_lifetimes))]
#![doc(test(attr(deny(warnings), allow(dead_code, unused_assignments, unused_variables))))]
macro_rules! cfg_target_has_atomic {
($($item:item)*) => {$(
cfg_target_has_atomic! {
#[cfg(feature = "alloc")]
extern crate alloc;
#[cfg(feature = "alloc")]
mod lock;
#[cfg(feature = "std")]
pub mod mpsc;
#[cfg(feature = "alloc")]
pub mod oneshot;