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An (almost) drop-in replacement for phil-opp/linked-list-allocator. But it uses buddy system instead.


To use buddy_system_allocator for global allocator:

use buddy_system_allocator::LockedHeap;

static HEAP_ALLOCATOR: LockedHeap = LockedHeap::<32>::empty();

To init the allocator:

unsafe {
    HEAP_ALLOCATOR.lock().init(heap_start, heap_size);
    // or
    HEAP_ALLOCATOR.lock().add_to_heap(heap_start, heap_end);

You can also use FrameAllocator and LockedHeapWithRescue, see their documentation for usage.


  • use_spin (default): Provide a LockedHeap type that implements the GlobalAlloc trait by using a spinlock.
  • const_fn (nightly only): Provide const fn version of LockedHeapWithRescue::new.


Some code comes from phil-opp's linked-list-allocator.

Licensed under MIT License. Thanks phill-opp's linked-list-allocator for inspirations and interface.