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In order to run Quake on the simulator and/or device, you must:
1) Configure the Sources
2) Build
3) Install
4) Run
5) Uninstall Quake (this step is optional)
Configure the Sources
Edit src/com/android/quake/ to configure where and how Quake will obtain its data files. The
configuration variables are:
private final static boolean USE_INTERNAL_FLASH = false;
private final static boolean USE_DOWNLOADER = false;
This means that by default Quake will look for its files on the SD Card, and it will not
attempt to download the files from an external web server. (Use the ./ script,
described below, to copy the data files from the Android source tree onto the device's SD Card.)
Note that if USE_DOWNLOADER is set to true then you need to configure a web server to serve the Quake
data files, and the FILE_CONFIG_URL variable needs to be set to point to the configuration file on
the web server. Read the source for to figure out how to do this.
Building Quake
Quake and libQuake are built by default, as part of the standard Android build.
If for some reason you would like to build Quake manually, you can do so by
using the mm command:
$ cd $TOP/apps/Quake
$ mm
Installing Quake
Quake is not installed by default. To install Quake you need to copy the Quake executable
files and data files to the device.
Quake needs about 20 MB of space to store its data files. Quake files go on an external
micro SD card (This is /sdcard/data/quake directory).
Using the device with a microsd card:
Turn on phone, plug into your development PC/Mac using the supplied ADB cable.
cd $TOP/apps/Quake
adb remount
adb install $OUT/system/app/Quake.apk
Make sure your device is not mounted as an USB Storage Device:
Press Home button on Phone
Press Menu
Select "SD card & phone storage
Make sure "Use for USB storage" is unchecked.
Then install the Quake data files by executing this script:
(Or if you've set QuakeActivity.USE_INTERNAL_FLASH to false, then use this script instead:)
Using the emulator:
You can use Quake with the emulator, but you have to create and mount an sdcard image.
(Doing that is beyond the scope of this document.)
Once you've started the emulator with a sdcard image you can follow the directions for
a real device.
Running Quake
Turn on the device
Look for Quake in the Activities folder. Launch it as you would any other activity.
It will take up to thirty seconds to start running.
When Quake starts running it will display a console with some debug information, then
go into an "attract mode" loop.
Starting a game:
Press space bar to bring up the main menu.
The "Quake icon" should be next to the "Single Player" menu item. Press the
"Enter" button twice to start the game.
The Quake controls are customizable, depending upon the settings of config.cfg,
but the defaults are:
Android PC Key Command Notes
---------- --------- --------------- ----------------------------------
Alt Space TAB +showscores Shows scores in multiplayer games
DPad Enter ENTER +jump
Menu ESCAPE togglemenu Shows/hides menu
space SPACE +jump
+ + sizeup Increases size of screen
, , +moveleft Strafe left
- - sizedown
. . +moveright Strafe right
/ / impulse 10 Toggle weapons up
0 0 impulse 0
1 1 impulse 1 Select weapon 1 (axe)
2 2 impulse 2 Select weapon 2 (shotgun)
3 3 impulse 3 Double-barrled shotgun
4 4 impulse 4 Nailgun
5 5 impulse 5 Super nailgun
6 6 impulse 6 Grenade launcher
7 7 impulse 7 Rocket Launcher
8 8 impulse 8 Thunderbolt
= = sizeup
\ \ +mlook Mouse look. (Not very useful, as there is no mouse.)
Alt w ` toggleconsole Used to enter fancy commands.
w w +forward
s s +back
a a +left
d d +right
q q +lookup
z z +lookdown
v v +movedown
f f +moveup
t t messagemode
DPad Up UPARROW +forward
DPad Down DOWNARROW +back
DPad Left LEFTARROW +left
DPad Right RIGHTARROW+right
Alt ALT +strafe
@ or / CTRL +attack
Cap SHIFT +speed
Alt 1 F1 help (This is just an advertisement in the shareware version.)
Alt 2 F2 menu_save
Alt 3 F3 menu_load
Alt 4 F4 menu_options
Alt 5 F5 menu_multiplayer
Alt 6 F6 echo Quicksaving...; wait; save quick
Alt 9 F9 echo Quickloading...; wait; load quick
Alt 0 F10 quit
Alt t F11 zoom_in
Alt y F12 screenshot
<none> INS +klook
<none> DEL +lookdown
<none> PGDN +lookup
<none> END centerview
<none> MOUSE1 +attack
<none> MOUSE2 +forward
<none> MOUSE3 +mlook
Alt z PAUSE pause
Camera HOME ...not bound by default...
Console Commands:
timedemo demo# run time demo # (1..3)
god turns on god mode
fly enables fly mode
kill commits suicide
notarget enemies don't attack until provoked
noclip walk through walls
give s # gives # (where # = a number) of shotgun shells
give n # gives # of nails
give r # gives # of rockets/grenades
give c # gives # of cells
give h # gives # of health
give # gives weapon #
map e#m# warps to the episode and mission specified
impulse -1 quad cheat
impulse 9 all weapons and keys
impulse 255 quad cheat
Uninstalling Quake
Quake has to be uninstalled in two parts:
a) the Quake.apk file
b) the data files on the sdcard
Use the Phone UI to uninstall the Quake apk:
Press Home Key
Press Menu Key
Select Settings
Select Applications
Selct Manage Applications
Select Quake
Press "Uninstall"
Make sure your device is not mounted as an USB Storage Device:
Press Home button on Phone
Press Menu
Select "SD card & phone storage
Make sure "Use for USB storage" is unchecked
Then run this script to delete the Quake files on the sdcard:
cd $TOP/apps/Quake