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Qt 4.7.4 is a bug-fix release. It maintains both forward and backward
compatibility (source and binary) with Qt 4.7.0. For more details,
refer to the online documentation included in this distribution. The
documentation is also available online:
The Qt version 4.7 series is binary compatible with the 4.6.x series.
Applications compiled for 4.6 will continue to run with 4.7.
Some of the changes listed in this file include issue tracking numbers
corresponding to tasks in the Qt Bug Tracker or the Merge Request queue
of the public source repository.
Qt Bug Tracker:
Merge Request:
* Library *
- [QTBUG-20214] QRentBook: LSK and RSK of booking page will change
- [QTBUG-19656] Spectrum: the Mode menu disappears after the device is
changed from portrait to landscape.
- [QTBUG-19260] Cursor cannot be placed between letters f and i - "fi"
is interpreted as one character
- [QTBUG-19157] Crash in QGLContextPrivate::bindTexture() when using
QPainter::fillRect() with a brush having a size > max_texture_size
- [QTBUG-19089] TextInput positionToRectangle doesn't return correct
coordinates for the cursor in pre-edit mode
- [QTBUG-19067] Font glyphs get clipped on the top
- [QTBUG-18500] QTextBlock crash
- [QTBUG-18303] Arabic multiline text is clipped on the right
- [QTBUG-18185] QStaticText: Wrong kerning and baselines when rotating a
- [QTBUG-17443] Feedreadercrash: when opening feed with unicode characters
- [QTBUG-17244] QGraphicsLayout Layouting should be done in one go. Ugly
layouting visible otherwise
- [QTBUG-17209] Bug-231 introduces an off-by-one error
- [QTBUG-17117] Arabic reordering problem when 2 fonts are used
- [QTBUG-11131] QAbstractScrollArea::setViewport() causes crash when used
from within event handler method
- [QTBUG-16422] Big coordinate values cause segfault on ARM when calling
- [QTBUG-18017] Regression: Text selection with shift-click stopped working
- [QTBUG-18192] Crash when invoking blockBoundingRect over a QTextDocument
- [QTBUG-17505] Inflexible focus handling in QGraphicsScene
- [QTBUG-17020] QPainter::drawText() fails to draw correct text in some
circumstances. Related to QTBUG-12950
- [QTBUG-16401] QGraphicsScene returns focus incorrectly when QGraphicsView
is focused
- [QTBUG-17812] regression: qsortfilterproxymodel::reset doesn't invalidate
the model (Windows)
- [QTBUG-17230] QPlainTextEdit corruption/crash after scrolling
- [QTBUG-17536] qguistatemachine::cloneEvent doesn't clone
GraphicsSceneWheel Events correctly
- [QTBUG-17254] XPM files crash QImage (write)
- [QTBUG-16292] QTreeView crash in indexRowSizeHint/itemHeight
- [QTBUG-17390] Child widgets don't inherit their parent's input contexts
- [QTBUG-15910] setstylesheet on a QComboBox causes a segmentation fault
- [QTBUG-16652] Compilation of "4.7" branch fails:
private/qdrawhelper_arm_simd_p.h: No such file or directory
- [QTBUG-17464] SIGBUS in fetchAndAddOrdered from
- [QTBUG-16022] QHttpNetworkConnectionChannel::expand discards data if
gzip-stream has missing end-of-stream marker
- [QTBUG-17199] ICD Bearer management: Causes the main thread to hang
when ran on a different thread.
- [QTBUG-15421] QDirIterator returns hidden directories when it should only
return files and returns hidden files when it should only return
- [QTBUG-17815] Missing APIShims in obsoleted QScriptValue constructor
- [QTBUG-17788] Crash when calling collectGarbage() after requesting
arguments object of native context
- [QTBUG-14228] Ensure Qt 4.7 doesn't crash when a D-Bus message with file
descriptors is received
- [QTBUG-14831] Dynamic sorting of a QSortFilterProxyModel on a
QSqlTableModel with OnManualSubmit is broken (4.7 regression)
- [QTBUG-20159] No effect of setting color on a QStaticText or a
QML element
- [QTBUG-18428] Colored and underlined styled text are not underlined or
completely coloured on device
- [QTBUG-18362] wigglytext.qml does not behave correctly in qmlscene
- [QTBUG-18266] More than one XmlListModel - Lists randomly show data from
wrong model
- [QTBUG-15983] Cannot pass enum value as signal parameter from C++ to QML
- [QTBUG-14974] ListView and GridView + contentY performance
- [QTBUG-18412] Crash in sendPostedEvents() - QObject::isWidgetType()
(issue with QDeclarativePixmapReply)
- [QTBUG-15356] PathView doesn't update if preferredHighlightBegin and
preferredHighlightEnd changed
- [QTBUG-17562] TextInput text in echo mode PasswordEchoOnEdit revealed
on refocus
- [QTBUG-17775] Crash when using FolderListModel with a repeater
- [QTBUG-17361] Nested pressDelays crashes application
- [QTBUG-15705] QDeclarativeTextInput::mousePressEvent() doesn't call
- [QTBUG-17501] Focus: Tap any of the Rounded-cornered rectangle, the
context menu doesn't disappear.
- [QTBUG-17008] ListView + XmlListModel freeze application when change
language key combination
- [QTBUG-17324] incorrect 'version is not installed' error when importing
QML module
- [QTBUG-16999] QML TextInput doesn't scroll if writing preedit at the end
of the line
- [QTBUG-13451] Support property versioning in QML
- [QTBUG-16959] Crash when using Grid.TopToBottom flow with Repeater
inside Grid
- [QTBUG-16522] QML ListView Should Support Dynamic Headers and Footers
- [QTBUG-17114] QtQuick 1.1 alignment regression
- [QTBUG-16283] TextEdit and TextInput need text selection modes
- [QTBUG-16284] Disable drag and drop in TextEdit and TextInput
- [QTBUG-18682] QImage convertToFormat does not work with certain image
formats when default (OpenVG) rendering engine used.
- [QTBUG-14217] Unresolved symbol QGLWindowSurface::staticMetaObject when
building for Windows Mobile 5.0 with OpenGL ES 1.1 support
- [QTBUG-18184] mingw gcc 4 static build failed in tools/qml because of the
symbol export in libQtOpenGL
- [QTBUG-17256] Change QGLPixmapData load functions to use the
'convertInPlace' versions of QImage to save memory
- Image formats
* [QTBUG-20425] Update bundled libpng to 1.5.4 (security)
* Platform Specific Changes *
Qt for Linux/X11
- Declarative
* [QTBUG-19914] Segfault in QDeclarativeBinding::createBinding triggered
by QMultimediaKit
- gui
* [QTBUG-16175] REG: Qt 4.7/Linux Qt Designer / Qt Creator show multiple
warnings: "Application asked to unregister timer 0x17000002 which is
not registered in this thread. Fix application."
Qt for Windows
- gui
* [QTBUG-19878] QImage constructor crash when opening some tiff images
- corelib
* [QTBUG-17014] Qt event delivery is unreliable on windows platforms
- declarative
* [QTBUG-19198] ListView lose items
* [QTBUG-18587] Roles are not removed in listmodel
- qmake
* [QTBUG-18537] Compiling Qt on Windows XP x64 using MinGW-w64 fails
Qt for Mac OS X
- gui
* [QTBUG-20496] Qt does not compile under OSX Lion or llvm-gcc
* [QTBUG-18547] Buffer overrun in QMacPixmapData::macCreatePixels
* [QTBUG-15474] Mac: Qt:Sheet dialog permanently loses focus after
moving the parent window
* [QTBUG-15897] QMainWindow crash in destructor when having a
QDockWidget of type Qt::Drawer containing a QTreeWidget
- corelib
* [QTBUG-11481] Floating Dock Widget behavior on Mac [REGRESSION]
- network
* [QTBUG-14520] SSL Isn't working with osx 10.5
* [QTBUG-5645] SSL Memory leaks on Mac.
Qt for Symbian
- general
* [QTBUG-20216] Update QtOpenGL section in Symbian platform notes
- examples
* [QTBUG-15176] Default heap/stack size might not be enough for symbian
- qmake & mkspecs
* [QTBUG-20669] Symbian: DEBUGGABLE_UDEBONLY keyword needed in
generated mmp files
* [QTBUG-20192] Qt sis can't be created on symbian^1 5.0 and
symbian^3 PS2 environments
* [QTBUG-18207] QMAKE_CLEAN items with wildcards in symbian-abld
builds will halt the build without obvious reason.
* [QTBUG-17927] Simplified Chinese language is not supported
in Qt 4.7.2
- openvg
* [QTBUG-20339] when camera application is opened and closed, the qml
application in the background is getting closed
* [QTBUG-18027] Lazy conversion in fromSymbianCFbsBitmap for openVG
- opengl
* [QTBUG-19183] Enable multisampling if there's hw support for it
on Symbian
* [QTBUG-19180] Simplify texture pooling in GL graphics system
* [QTBUG-18850] Fix orientation change. Current behaviour results to
black screen
* [QTBUG-15254] Implement QPixmap::fromSymbianRSgImage() in the
OpenGL graphics system
* [QTBUG-18209] Native image handle provider support in QGLPixmapData
* [QTBUG-18270] Use destroyed swap behaviour in GL graphics system
on Symbian
* [QTBUG-15252] Implement CFbsBitmap backend for QPixmap in OpenGL
graphics system on Symbian
* [QTBUG-17850] Implement GL graphics system releaseCachedResources()
* [QTBUG-15253] Verify that applications using the OpenGL graphics
system on Symbian consume zero graphics memory when they are
not visible
* [QTBUG-16977] Symbian: Implement QPixmap::fromSymbianCFbsBitmap() in
the OpenGL graphics system
* [QTBUG-16949] Symbian: Recreate EGL surface on native window resize
- gui
* [QTBUG-20255] Regression: Some QMenus are shown completely transparent
in Symbian
* [QTBUG-20240] Regression: QS60Style - All standardIcons are drawn as
"small icons"
* [QTBUG-20813] Disabled splitscreen translation still moves screen
* [QTBUG-20034] Splitview - Auto-translation should translate as
little as possible to ensure visibility of the cursor
* [QTBUG-20007] Symbian: Do not add linked fonts to the QFontDatabase
* [QTBUG-19911] Orientation change causes unnecessary resizes to top
level window on Symbian
* [QTBUG-19880] Drawing a QPixmap to QImage causes a deep copy on
* [QTBUG-19864] Predicted word is duplicated when doing an orientation
* [QTBUG-19856] Doing an orientation change while in splitview mode
and closing VKB causes QGraphicsView to be incorrectly resized
* [QTBUG-19782] UI of the QWidget based applications those uses
QGroupBoxs are mess up in latest Symbian RND release
* [QTBUG-19734] KERN-EXEC 3 panic in
QCoeFepInputContext::translateInputWidget() method
* [QTBUG-19689] Textinput: last word inputted was duplicated after
press "Password" button
* [QTBUG-19578] Fix BCM2727 detection function on Symbian
* [QTBUG-19528] Opening symbol menu while typing with prediction on
causes issues
* [QTBUG-19471] Using QFileDialog crashes in Symbian
* [QTBUG-19104] while setting a softkey action in a qt application
on symbian, the icon specified only is shown partially
* [QTBUG-19043] Fullscreen main window with softkeys initially layouts
using full screen dimensions instead of client area dimensions
* [QTBUG-18863] QS60Style: compiling simulated style crashes due to
missing placeHolderTexture implementation
* [QTBUG-18493] Qt reserves graphics resources when launching application
directly to background
* [QTBUG-18486] Control pane (RSK Cancel) of the test note is covered by
"Options, Exit" when re-launching the application from Open applications
* [QTBUG-18409] If fullscreen application without softkeys opens a
fullscreen child dialog with softkeys, once the child dialog closes,
softkeys remain visible on applicaiton main screen.
* [QTBUG-17874] autotest failure between Qt 4.6.3 and Qt 4.7.2 in
QLinearGradient::setStops method on Symbian^3 platform
* [QTBUG-17844] Different point size for the font created using QFont
class and returned by QFontDialog
* [QTBUG-16857] Black corners around popup menu in Symbian^3
* [QTBUG-16785] QML app: After layout switch the focused text input field
is not visible on Split view
* [QTBUG-15031] Predictive text is not committed when writing in a QLineEdit
* [QTBUG-14058] Wrong availableGeometry detected in Symbian
* [QTBUG-17576] GraphicsViews: Focused widget is not visible after
orientation change
* [QTBUG-17930] Regression: Theme background in style is incorrect
* [QTBUG-18024] Don't use EGL surfaces for translucency with 32MB GPU chip
* [QTBUG-17984] QML application: focused text input field is not visible
when split view is opened
- declarative
* [QTBUG-20218] Symbian 5.3: QML text edit components are sending
software input panel requests
* [QTBUG-19821] Flickr: There is gridding on picture
* [QTBUG-19669] All events that QDeclarativeDebugTrace shows on
Symbian are of duration '0'
* [QTBUG-18869] Compilation breakage for Symbian (qmltooling)
* [QTBUG-18549] Animation timer seems to take too long time to expire
during scrolling a qml list in Symbian device.
* [QTBUG-17592] qml.pri causes havoc on Symbian 3.2 and 5.0
- network
* [QTBUG-18795] QNetworkConfigurationManager::allConfigurations
(QNetworkConfiguration::Active) not returning any active configuration
when instantiated and called from Secondary thread
* [QTBUG-18722] QDesktopServices::openUrl() doesn't handle URL encodings
* [QTBUG-18572] Crash with KERN-EXEC 0 when
QNetworkConfigurationManagerPrivate fails to connect
- corelib
* [QTBUG-17776] Qmlviewer: qmlviewer will crash after closing the
application "flickr demo"
* Tools *
- [QTBUG-18595] Enable remote debugging for qmlviewer
- [QTBUG-18063] qdoc3 depends on private header files from QML
- [QTBUG-16462] qdoc3 segfaults due to a uninitialized member variable
when using the WebXML output.