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The docs/ANDROID-ELFF.TXT document contains notes about the ELFF library used
by the emulator to extract debugging information from symbol files of the
emulated system.
The ELFF library has been introduced to provide the emulator's memory checker
subsystem with information about routine name, source file name and location
when a memory access violation detected at runtime. This requires parsing symbol
files corresponding to the libraries of the emulated system, in order to extract
relevant information from them.
Due to lack of windows support on available open source projects, this is a
full new implementation of an ELF/DWARF parser.
The library exposes a simple API that at this point allows:
- Extract information about routine, containing given PC address in the emulated
system. Routine information, collected by the library includes:
* Routine name
* Source file name and line corresponded to the given emulated PC.
* If routine happens to be inlined, library traces inclusion up to the first
routine that is not inlined, providing names and source file location
information for all inlined routines in that chain.