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#ifndef QEMU_NET_H
#define QEMU_NET_H
/* VLANs support */
typedef struct VLANClientState VLANClientState;
struct VLANClientState {
IOReadHandler *fd_read;
/* Packets may still be sent if this returns zero. It's used to
rate-limit the slirp code. */
IOCanRWHandler *fd_can_read;
void *opaque;
struct VLANClientState *next;
struct VLANState *vlan;
char info_str[256];
struct VLANState {
int id;
VLANClientState *first_client;
struct VLANState *next;
unsigned int nb_guest_devs, nb_host_devs;
VLANState *qemu_find_vlan(int id);
VLANClientState *qemu_new_vlan_client(VLANState *vlan,
IOReadHandler *fd_read,
IOCanRWHandler *fd_can_read,
void *opaque);
void qemu_del_vlan_client(VLANClientState *vc);
int qemu_can_send_packet(VLANClientState *vc);
void qemu_send_packet(VLANClientState *vc, const uint8_t *buf, int size);
void qemu_handler_true(void *opaque);
void do_info_network(void);
/* NIC info */
#define MAX_NICS 8
struct NICInfo {
uint8_t macaddr[6];
const char *model;
VLANState *vlan;
extern int nb_nics;
extern NICInfo nd_table[MAX_NICS];
/* checksumming functions (net-checksum.c) */
uint32_t net_checksum_add(int len, uint8_t *buf);
uint16_t net_checksum_finish(uint32_t sum);
uint16_t net_checksum_tcpudp(uint16_t length, uint16_t proto,
uint8_t *addrs, uint8_t *buf);
void net_checksum_calculate(uint8_t *data, int length);