Making the emulator respect user-specified data partition size for API 19+

Prior to API 19, the internal partition size specified by the user
was the size they saw in the corresponding AVD, but as of API 19,
users see a fixed internal partition size regardless of the parameter
they passed.   

+ Extend userdata-qemu.img to the correct size via resize2fs.  Resize2fs
can be used to extend an existing data partition to the size specified in
an AVD, but the underlying logical volume size needs to have enough space
to allow this

+ Create an empty partition of the desired size for later restoration and
let the emulator copy over the data inside userdata.img.  We cannot only
create an empty ext4 data partition without copying as the emulator must
be given the chance to move a small amount of default data from userdata.img
that the user is expecting to see.

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