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To install pyOpenSSL::
$ pip install pyopenssl
If you are installing in order to *develop* on pyOpenSSL, move to the root directory of a pyOpenSSL checkout, and run::
$ pip install -e .
.. warning::
As of 0.14, pyOpenSSL is a pure-Python project.
That means that if you encounter *any* kind of compiler errors, pyOpenSSL's bugtracker is the **wrong** place to report them because we *cannot* help you.
Please take the time to read the errors and report them/ask help from the appropriate project.
The most likely culprit being `cryptography <>`_ that contains OpenSSL's library bindings.
Supported OpenSSL Versions
pyOpenSSL supports the same platforms and releases as the upstream cryptography project `does <>`_.
Currently that means:
- 1.0.1
- 1.0.2
- 1.1.0
If you need support for older releases, the following pinned versions will work:
- **OpenSSL 0.9.8**: ``'pyOpenSSL<17.0' 'cryptography<1.4'``
- **OpenSSL 1.0.0**: ``'pyOpenSSL<17.1' 'cryptography<1.7'``
You can always find out the versions of pyOpenSSL, cryptography, and the linked OpenSSL by running ``python -m OpenSSL.debug``.
The documentation is written in reStructuredText and built using Sphinx::
$ cd doc
$ make html