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To release a new version of pybind11:
- Update the version number and push to pypi
- Update ``pybind11/`` (set release version, remove 'dev').
- Update ``PYBIND11_VERSION_MAJOR`` etc. in ``include/pybind11/detail/common.h``.
- Ensure that all the information in ```` is up-to-date.
- Update version in ``docs/``.
- Tag release date in ``docs/changelog.rst``.
- ``git add`` and ``git commit``.
- if new minor version: ``git checkout -b vX.Y``, ``git push -u origin vX.Y``
- ``git tag -a vX.Y.Z -m 'vX.Y.Z release'``.
- ``git push``
- ``git push --tags``.
- ``python sdist upload``.
- ``python bdist_wheel upload``.
- Get back to work
- Update ```` (add 'dev' and increment minor).
- Update version in ``docs/``
- Update version macros in ``include/pybind11/common.h``
- ``git add`` and ``git commit``.
``git push``