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Things to be done
Big things to tackle, anyone interested is welcome to fork pyasn1, work on
it and come up with a PR!
New codecs
* JSON (alinged with existing experimental schemas)
Lazy codecs
Implement a thin layer over base types to cache pieces
of substrate being decoded till the very moment of ASN.1
object access in the parse tree.
Codecs generator interface
For indefinite length or chunked encoding mode, make codecs
iterable producing/consuming substrate/objects.
ASN.1 schema compiler
Ideally, the compiler should parse modern schema files and be
designed to emit code for arbitrary languages (including SQL).
Base types
Implement X.680 constructs, including information schema.
Add examples, including advanced/obscure use cases.
Document more API, add notes and example snippets.
More fresh modules
Compile and ship more Pythonized ASN.1 modules for
various ASN.1-based protocols (e.g. Kerberos etc).
Refresh outdated modules in pyasn1-packages.
Minor, housekeeping things
* more PEP8'ing at places
* consider simplifying repr(), otherwise it tend to be too hard to grasp
* Specialize ASN.1 character and useful types
* ber.decoder:
* suspend codec on underrun error ?
* present subtypes ?
* component presence check wont work at innertypeconst
* type vs value, defaultValue
* ber.encoder:
* Asn1Item.clone() / shallowcopy issue
* large length encoder?
* lookup type by tag first to allow custom codecs for non-base types
* type.useful:
* may need to implement prettyIn/Out
* type.char:
* may need to implement constraints
* type.namedtypes
* type vs tagset name convention
* how untagged TagSet should be initialized?
* type and codecs for Real needs refactoring