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Revision 0.2.6, released 31-07-2019
- Added RFC3560 providing RSAES-OAEP Key Transport Algorithm
in CMS
- Added RFC6019 providing BinaryTime - an alternate format
for representing Date and Time
- RFC3565 superseded by RFC5649
- Added RFC5480 providng Elliptic Curve Cryptography Subject
Public Key Information
- Added RFC8520 providing X.509 Extensions for MUD URL and
MUD Signer
- Added RFC3161 providing Time-Stamp Protocol support
- Added RFC3709 providing Logotypes in X.509 Certificates
- Added RFC3274 providing CMS Compressed Data Content Type
- Added RFC4073 providing Multiple Contents protection with CMS
- Added RFC2634 providing Enhanced Security Services for S/MIME
- Added RFC5915 providing Elliptic Curve Private Key
- Added RFC5940 providing CMS Revocation Information Choices
- Added RFC7296 providing IKEv2 Certificate Bundle
- Added RFC8619 providing HKDF Algorithm Identifiers
- Added RFC7191 providing CMS Key Package Receipt and Error Content
- Added openType support for ORAddress Extension Attributes and
Algorithm Identifiers in the RFC5280 module
- Added RFC5035 providing Update to Enhanced Security Services for
- Added openType support for CMS Content Types and CMS Attributes
in the RFC5652 module
- Added openType support to RFC 2986 by importing definitions from
the RFC 5280 module so that the same maps are used.
- Added maps for use with openType to RFC 2634, RFC 3274, RFC 3709,
RFC 3779, RFC 4055, RFC 4073, RFC 4108, RFC 5035, RFC 5083, RFC 5480,
RFC 5940, RFC 5958, RFC 6010, RFC 6019, RFC 6402, RFC 7191, RFC 8226,
and RFC 8520
- Changed `ValueSizeConstraint` erroneously applied to `SequenceOf`
and `SetOf` objects via `subtypeConstraint` attribute to be applied
via `sizeSpec` attribute. Although `sizeSpec` takes the same constraint
objects as `subtypeConstraint`, the former is only verified on
de/serialization i.e. when the [constructed] object at hand is fully
populated, while the latter is applied to [scalar] types at the moment
of instantiation.
Revision 0.2.5, released 24-04-2019
- Added module RFC5958 providing Asymmetric Key Packages,
which is essentially version 2 of the PrivateKeyInfo
structure in PKCS#8 in RFC 5208
- Added module RFC8410 providing algorithm Identifiers for
Ed25519, Ed448, X25519, and X448
- Added module RFC8418 providing Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman
(ECDH) Key Agreement Algorithm with X25519 and X448
- Added module RFC3565 providing Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman
Key Agreement Algorithm use with X25519 and X448 in the
Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)
- Added module RFC4108 providing CMS Firmware Wrapper
- Added module RFC3779 providing X.509 Extensions for IP
Addresses and AS Identifiers
- Added module RFC4055 providing additional Algorithms and
Identifiers for RSA Cryptography for use in Certificates
and CRLs
Revision 0.2.4, released 26-01-2018
- Added modules for RFC8226 implementing JWT Claim Constraints
and TN Authorization List for X.509 certificate extensions
- Fixed bug in `rfc5280.AlgorithmIdentifier` ANY type definition
Revision 0.2.3, released 30-12-2018
- Added modules for RFC5083 and RFC5084 (CMS)
- Copyright notice extended to the year 2019
Revision 0.2.2, released 28-06-2018
- Copyright notice extended to the year 2018
- Migrated references from SourceForge
- rfc2986 module added
Revision 0.2.1, released 23-11-2017
- Allow ANY DEFINED BY objects expanding automatically if requested
- Imports PEP8'ed
Revision 0.1.5, released 10-10-2017
- OCSP response blob fixed in test
- Fixed wrong OCSP ResponderID components tagging
Revision 0.1.4, released 07-09-2017
- Typo fixed in the dependency spec
Revision 0.1.3, released 07-09-2017
- Apparently, pip>=1.5.6 is still widely used and it is not PEP440
compliant. Had to replace the `~=` version dependency spec with a
sequence of simple comparisons to remain compatible with the aging pip.
Revision 0.1.2, released 07-09-2017
- Pinned to pyasn1 ~0.3.4
Revision 0.1.1, released 27-08-2017
- Tests refactored into proper unit tests
- pem.readBase64fromText() convenience function added
- Pinned to pyasn1 0.3.3
Revision 0.0.11, released 04-08-2017
- Fixed typo in ASN.1 definitions at
Revision 0.0.10, released 27-07-2017
* Fixed SequenceOf initializer to pass now-mandatory componentType
keyword argument (since pyasn1 0.3.1)
* Temporarily fixed recursive ASN.1 type definition to work with
pyasn1 0.3.1+. This is going to be fixed properly shortly.
Revision 0.0.9, released 01-06-2017
* More CRL data structures added (RFC3279)
* Added X.509 certificate extensions map
* Added X.509 attribute type map
* Fix to __doc__ use in to make -O0 installation mode working
* Copyright added to source files
* More PEP-8'ing done on the code
* Author's e-mail changed
Revision 0.0.8, released 28-09-2015
- Wheel distribution format now supported
- Fix to misspelled rfc2459.id_at_sutname variable
- Fix to misspelled rfc2459.NameConstraints component tag ID
- Fix to misspelled rfc2459.GeneralSubtree component default status
Revision 0.0.7, released 01-08-2015
- Extensions added to text files, CVS attic flushed.
- Fix to rfc2459.BasicConstraints syntax.
Revision 0.0.6, released 21-06-2015
- Typo fix to id_kp_serverAuth object value
- A test case for indefinite length encoding eliminated as it's
forbidden in DER.
Revision 0.0.5
- License updated to vanilla BSD 2-Clause to ease package use
- Missing components added to rfc4210.PKIBody.
- Fix to rfc2459.CRLDistPointsSyntax typo.
- Fix to rfc2511.CertReqMsg typo.
Revision 0.0.4
- CMP structures (RFC4210), tool and test case added.
- SNMPv2c Message syntax (RFC1901) properly defined.
- Package version established in form of __init__.__version__
which is in-sync with distutils.
- Package meta information and classifiers updated.
Revision 0.0.3
- Text cases implemented
- X.509 CRMF structures (RFC2511) and tool added
- X.509 CRL structures and tool added
- PKCS#10 structures and tool added
- PKCS#8 structures and tool added
- PKCS#1 (rfc3447) structures added
- OCSP request & response dumping tool added
- SNMPv2c & SNMPv3/USM structures added
- moved into
- PEM files read function generalized to be used more universally.
- complete PKIX1 '88 code implemented at
Revision 0.0.2
- Require pyasn1 >= 0.1.1
- Fixes towards Py3K compatibility
+ use either of existing urllib module
+ adopt to the new bytes type
+ print operator is now a function
+ new exception syntax
Revision 0.0.1a
- Initial revision, most code carried from pyasn1 examples.