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Samples by API

Ad Exchange Buyer API

Lets you manage your Ad Exchange Buyer account.

Documentation for the Ad Exchange Buyer API in PyDoc.

AdSense Management API

Gives AdSense publishers access to their inventory and the ability to generate reports.

Documentation for the AdSense Management API in PyDoc.

Google Analytics API

View and manage your Google Analytics data.

Documentation for the Google Analytics API in PyDoc.

Enterprise Audit API

Lets you access user activities in your enterprise made through various applications.

Documentation for the Enterprise Audit API in PyDoc.

Blogger API

API for access to the data within Blogger.

Documentation for the Blogger API in PyDoc.

Google Maps Coordinate API

Lets you view and manage jobs in a Coordinate team.

Documentation for the Google Maps Coordinate API in PyDoc.

CustomSearch API

Lets you search over a website or collection of websites.

Documentation for the CustomSearch API in PyDoc.

APIs Discovery Service

Lets you discover information about other Google APIs, such as what APIs are available, the resource and method details for each API.

Documentation for the APIs Discovery Service in PyDoc.

Groups Settings API

Lets you manage permission levels and related settings of a group.

Documentation for the Groups Settings API in PyDoc.

Google+ API

The Google+ API enables developers to build on top of the Google+ platform.

Documentation for the Google+ API in PyDoc.

Prediction API

Lets you access a cloud hosted machine learning service that makes it easy to build smart apps

Documentation for the Prediction API in PyDoc.

Search Console API

Add sites to a Search Console account, retrieve site data and diagnostics, and submit sitemaps.

Documentation for the Search Console API in Google Developers.

Search API For Shopping

Lets you search over product data.

Documentation for the Search API For Shopping in PyDoc.

Cloud Storage API

Lets you store and retrieve potentially-large, immutable data objects.

Documentation for the Cloud Storage API in PyDoc.

Tasks API

Lets you manage your tasks and task lists.

Documentation for the Tasks API in PyDoc.

Translate API

Lets you translate text from one language to another.

Documentation for the Translate API in PyDoc.

URL Shortener API

Lets you create, inspect, and manage short URLs.

Documentation for the URL Shortener API in PyDoc.

YouTube Data API

Programmatic access to YouTube features.

Documentation for the YouTube Data API in PyDoc.

Pagination Samples

OAuth 2.0 Samples

Media Upload and Download Samples

Command-line Samples

Google App Engine Samples