This is a (possibly incomplete) list of all the contributors to python-dateutil, initially generated from the git author metadata. The details of their specific contributions can be found in the git history.

Prior to 2017-12-01, the library was licensed solely under the BSD 3-clause license, all contributions on or after 2017-12-01 are dual-licensed between Apache 2.0 and BSD 3-clause. In the list below, anyone whose name is marked with R has agreed to re-license their previously submitted code under Apache 2.0. Anyone whose name is marked with a D has only made contributions since the switch, and thus all their contributions are dual-licensed.

Contributors (alphabetical order)

Unless someone has deliberately given permission to publish their e-mail, I have masked the domain names. If you are not on this list and believe you should be, or you are on this list and your information is inaccurate, please e-mail the current maintainer or the mailing list ( with your name, e-mail (if desired) and github (if desired / applicable), as you would like them displayed. Additionally, please indicate if you are willing to dual license your old contributions under Apache 2.0.