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ProGuard, Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and preverifier
This directory contains a number of alternative ways to build ProGuard:
- : a shell script for GNU/Linux
- makefile : a makefile for GNU/Linux
- build.xml : an Ant build file for all platforms
- maven/pom.xml : a Maven POM for building the Maven artifacts
- As a final alternative, you can also easily compile the code from the
command line:
mkdir classes
javac -sourcepath src -d classes src/proguard/
javac -sourcepath src -d classes src/proguard/gui/
javac -sourcepath src -d classes src/proguard/retrace/
For the ProGuard Ant task:
javac -sourcepath src -d classes -classpath lib/ant.jar \
For the ProGuard Gradle task:
javac -sourcepath src -d classes -classpath ..... \
For the Java Micro Edition Wireless Tool Kit (JME WTK) obfuscator plug-in:
javac -sourcepath src -d classes -classpath wtklib/ \
Note that you'll have to install Ant and the JME WTK yourself.
Copyright (c) 2002-2014 Eric Lafortune (