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// This Gradle build file illustrates how to process ProGuard itself.
// Configuration files for typical applications will be very similar.
// Usage:
// gradle -b proguard.gradle proguard
// Tell Gradle where to find the ProGuard task.
buildscript {
repositories {
flatDir dirs: '../../lib'
dependencies {
classpath ':proguard'
// Define a ProGuard task.
task proguard(type: proguard.gradle.ProGuardTask) {
// You should probably import a more compact ProGuard-style configuration
// file for all static settings, but we're specifying them all here, for
// the sake of the example.
//configuration ''
// Specify the input jars, output jars, and library jars.
// We'll filter out the Ant classes, Gradle classes, and WTK classes, keeping
// everything else.
injars '../../lib/proguard.jar', filter: '!proguard/ant/**,!proguard/gradle/**,!proguard/wtk/**'
outjars 'proguard_out.jar'
libraryjars "${System.getProperty('java.home')}/lib/rt.jar"
// Write out an obfuscation mapping file, for de-obfuscating any stack traces
// later on, or for incremental obfuscation of extensions.
printmapping ''
// Allow methods with the same signature, except for the return type,
// to get the same obfuscation name.
// Put all obfuscated classes into the nameless root package.
repackageclasses ''
// Allow classes and class members to be made public.
// The entry point: ProGuard and its main method.
keep 'public class proguard.ProGuard { \
public static void main(java.lang.String[]); \
// If you want to preserve the Ant task as well, you'll have to specify the
// main ant.jar.
//libraryjars '/usr/local/java/ant/lib/ant.jar'
//adaptresourcefilecontents 'proguard/ant/'
//keep allowobfuscation: true, 'class proguard.ant.*'
//keepclassmembers 'public class proguard.ant.* { \
// <init>(; \
// public void set*(***); \
// public void add*(***); \
// If you want to preserve the Gradle task, you'll have to specify the Gradle
// jars.
//libraryjars '/usr/local/java/gradle-2.1/lib/plugins/gradle-plugins-2.1.jar'
//libraryjars '/usr/local/java/gradle-2.1/lib/gradle-base-services-2.1.jar'
//libraryjars '/usr/local/java/gradle-2.1/lib/gradle-base-services-groovy-2.1.jar'
//libraryjars '/usr/local/java/gradle-2.1/lib/gradle-core-2.1.jar'
//libraryjars '/usr/local/java/gradle-2.1/lib/groovy-all-2.3.6.jar'
//keep 'public class proguard.gradle.* { \
// public *; \
// If you want to preserve the WTK obfuscation plug-in, you'll have to specify
// the file.
//libraryjars '/usr/local/java/wtk2.5.2/wtklib/'
//keep 'public class proguard.wtk.ProGuardObfuscator'