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Perfetto - Performance instrumentation and logging for POSIX platforms

This project is meant to be built both as part of the Android tree and from a standalone checkout

For internal docs see this page

Supported platforms

Android is the platform targeted in the first milestones. Right now Linux desktop and OSX are maintained best-effort.


This project uses Android AOSP Gerrit for code reviews and uses the Google C++ style. Currently targets -std=c++11.

You can use both git cl upload from Chromium depot tools or Android repo to upload patches.

git cl is quite convenient as it supports code auto-formatting via git cl format.

See https://source.android.com/source/contributing for more details about external contributions and CLA signing.

Build instructions

See docs/build_instructions.md

Running Perfetto

See docs/running_perfetto.md

Continuous integration

Continuous build and test coverage is available at perfetto-ci.appspot.com. Trybots: CLs uploaded to gerrit are automatically submitted to TravisCI within one minute and made available on the CI page above. The relevant code lives in the infra/ directory.

Run tests

On the host (Linux / OSX)

$ tools/ninja -C out/default (tracing_unittests | tracing_benchmarks)
$ out/default/tracing_unittests --gtest_help

On Android

Either connect a device in ADB mode or use the bundled emulator.

To start the emulator:
$ tools/run_android_emulator (arm | arm64) &

To run the tests (either on the emulator or physical device):
$ tools/run_android_test out/default tracing_unittests