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Perfetto - Performance instrumentation and logging for POSIX platforms

This project is meant to be built both as part of the Android tree and from a standalone checkout

For internal docs see this page

Supported platforms

Android is the platform targeted in the first milestones. Right now Linux desktop and OSX are maintained best-effort.

Get the code


All dependent libraries are self-hosted and pulled by the tools/install-build-deps script.
The only requirements on the host are python, git and a compiler (preferably clang, gcc is maintained best-effort):
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install git clang python

$ git clone https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/perfetto.git


This project uses Android AOSP Gerrit for code reviews and uses the Google C++ style. Currently targets -std=c++11.

You can use both git cl upload from Chromium depot tools or Android repo to upload patches.

git cl is quite convenient as it supports code auto-formatting via git cl format.

See https://source.android.com/source/contributing for more details about external contributions and CLA signing.

Build instructions

Build from a standalone checkout

If you are a chromium developer and have depot_tools installed you can avoid the tools/ prefix below and just use gn/ninja from depot_tools.

$ tools/install-build-deps to install third-party build deps (NDK etc)

$ tools/gn args out/android to generate build files and enter in the editor:

target_os = "android"          # Leave empty for local testing
target_cpu = "arm" or "arm64"  # Only when building for Android

(See the Build Configurations section below for more)

$ tools/ninja -C out/android all

Build from the Android tree

TODO. The plan is to autogenerate the Android.bp build files from the master GN build files (or temporarily maintain both until we can autogenerate them).

Run tests

On the host (Linux / OSX)

$ tools/ninja -C out/default (tracing_unittests | tracing_benchmarks)
$ out/default/tracing_unittests --gtest_help

On Android

Either connect a device in ADB mode or use the bundled emulator.

To start the emulator:
$ tools/run_android_emulator (arm | arm64) &

To run the tests (either on the emulator or physical device):
$ tools/run_android_test out/default tracing_unittests

Build configurations

The following GN args are supported:

target_os = "android" | "linux" | "mac":
Defaults to the current host, set “android” to build for Android.

target_cpu = "arm" | "arm64" | "x86" | "x64":
Defaults to "arm" when target_os == "android", "x64" when targeting the host. 32-bit host builds are not supported.

is_debug = true | false:
Toggles Debug (default) / Release mode.

is_clang = true | false:
Use Clang (default) / GCC. It requires clang 3.5+ to be installed on the host. Clang is the default compiler on Mac (% having installed Xcode). On Linux: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install clang

cc = "gcc" / cxx = "g++":
Uses a different compiler binary (default: autodetected depending on is_clang).

is_asan = true:
Enables Address Sanitizer

is_lsan = true:
Enables Leak Sanitizer (Linux/Mac only)

is_msan = true:
Enables Memory Sanitizer (Linux only)

is_tsan = true:
Enables Thread Sanitizer (Linux/Mac only)

is_ubsan = true:
Enables Undefined Behavior Sanitizer