Bug: 65586521

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  1. 4af8dd8 trace_processor: add support for sched priorities and descheduling reason by Lalit Maganti · 13 hours ago master
  2. 6b1f73a Merge "build: Expose a few more missing variables in the public config" by Treehugger Robot · 44 minutes ago
  3. 7faef11 build: Expose a few more missing variables in the public config by Eric Seckler · 21 hours ago
  4. 9c6395b trace_processor: improve best index for sched and fix thread/proc bug by Lalit Maganti · 12 hours ago
  5. 46f05ad profiling: Use SetJitDebug and SetDexFile. by Florian Mayer · 21 hours ago

Perfetto - Performance instrumentation and tracing

Perfetto is an open-source project for performance instrumentation and tracing of Linux/Android/Chrome platforms and user-space apps.

See www.perfetto.dev for docs.


  • For bugs affecting Android or the tracing internals use the internal bug tracker (go/perfetto-bugs).
  • For bugs affecting Chrome use http://crbug.com, Component:Speed>Tracing label:Perfetto.