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Avatar aims to provide a scalable multi-platform Bluetooth testing tool capable of running any Bluetooth test cases virtually and physically. It aims to complete PTS-bot in the Pandora testing suite.


python -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate.fish # or any other shell
pip install [-e] .


python cases/host_test.py -c cases/config.yml --verbose

Specify a test bed

python cases/host_test.py -c cases/config.yml --test_bed bumble.bumbles --verbose


  1. Make sure to have a root-canal instance running somewhere.
  1. Run the example using Bumble vs Bumble config file. The default 6402 HCI port of root-canal may be changed in this config file.
python cases/host_test.py -c cases/config.yml --verbose
  1. Lint with pyright and mypy
  1. Format & imports style
black avatar/ cases/
isort avatar/ cases/