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# OID cross reference table.
# Links signatures OIDs to their corresponding public key algorithms
# and digests.
md2WithRSAEncryption md2 rsaEncryption
md5WithRSAEncryption md5 rsaEncryption
shaWithRSAEncryption sha rsaEncryption
sha1WithRSAEncryption sha1 rsaEncryption
md4WithRSAEncryption md4 rsaEncryption
sha256WithRSAEncryption sha256 rsaEncryption
sha384WithRSAEncryption sha384 rsaEncryption
sha512WithRSAEncryption sha512 rsaEncryption
sha224WithRSAEncryption sha224 rsaEncryption
mdc2WithRSA mdc2 rsaEncryption
ripemd160WithRSA ripemd160 rsaEncryption
# For PSS the digest algorithm can vary and depends on the included
# AlgorithmIdentifier. The digest "undef" indicates the public key
# method should handle this explicitly.
rsassaPss undef rsaEncryption
# Alternative deprecated OIDs. By using the older "rsa" OID this
# type will be recognized by not normally used.
md5WithRSA md5 rsa
sha1WithRSA sha1 rsa
dsaWithSHA sha dsa
dsaWithSHA1 sha1 dsa
dsaWithSHA1_2 sha1 dsa_2
ecdsa_with_SHA1 sha1 X9_62_id_ecPublicKey
ecdsa_with_SHA224 sha224 X9_62_id_ecPublicKey
ecdsa_with_SHA256 sha256 X9_62_id_ecPublicKey
ecdsa_with_SHA384 sha384 X9_62_id_ecPublicKey
ecdsa_with_SHA512 sha512 X9_62_id_ecPublicKey
ecdsa_with_Recommended undef X9_62_id_ecPublicKey
ecdsa_with_Specified undef X9_62_id_ecPublicKey
dsa_with_SHA224 sha224 dsa
dsa_with_SHA256 sha256 dsa
id_GostR3411_94_with_GostR3410_2001 id_GostR3411_94 id_GostR3410_2001
id_GostR3411_94_with_GostR3410_94 id_GostR3411_94 id_GostR3410_94
id_GostR3411_94_with_GostR3410_94_cc id_GostR3411_94 id_GostR3410_94_cc
id_GostR3411_94_with_GostR3410_2001_cc id_GostR3411_94 id_GostR3410_2001_cc