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#!/usr/bin/env perl
# ====================================================================
# Written by Andy Polyakov <> for the OpenSSL
# project. The module is, however, dual licensed under OpenSSL and
# CRYPTOGAMS licenses depending on where you obtain it. For further
# details see
# ====================================================================
# May 2011
# The module implements bn_GF2m_mul_2x2 polynomial multiplication used
# in bn_gf2m.c. It's kind of low-hanging mechanical port from C for
# the time being... Except that it has two code paths: code suitable
# for any x86_64 CPU and PCLMULQDQ one suitable for Westmere and
# later. Improvement varies from one benchmark and µ-arch to another.
# Vanilla code path is at most 20% faster than compiler-generated code
# [not very impressive], while PCLMULQDQ - whole 85%-160% better on
# 163- and 571-bit ECDH benchmarks on Intel CPUs. Keep in mind that
# these coefficients are not ones for bn_GF2m_mul_2x2 itself, as not
# all CPU time is burnt in it...
$flavour = shift;
$output = shift;
if ($flavour =~ /\./) { $output = $flavour; undef $flavour; }
$win64=0; $win64=1 if ($flavour =~ /[nm]asm|mingw64/ || $output =~ /\.asm$/);
$0 =~ m/(.*[\/\\])[^\/\\]+$/; $dir=$1;
( $xlate="${dir}" and -f $xlate ) or
( $xlate="${dir}../../perlasm/" and -f $xlate) or
die "can't locate";
open OUT,"| \"$^X\" $xlate $flavour $output";
($lo,$hi)=("%rax","%rdx"); $a=$lo;
.type _mul_1x1,\@abi-omnipotent
.align 16
sub \$128+8,%rsp
mov \$-1,$a1
lea ($a,$a),$i0
shr \$3,$a1
lea (,$a,4),$i1
and $a,$a1 # a1=a&0x1fffffffffffffff
lea (,$a,8),$a8
sar \$63,$a # broadcast 63rd bit
lea ($a1,$a1),$a2
sar \$63,$i0 # broadcast 62nd bit
lea (,$a1,4),$a4
and $b,$a
sar \$63,$i1 # boardcast 61st bit
mov $a,$hi # $a is $lo
shl \$63,$lo
and $b,$i0
shr \$1,$hi
mov $i0,$t1
shl \$62,$i0
and $b,$i1
shr \$2,$t1
xor $i0,$lo
mov $i1,$t0
shl \$61,$i1
xor $t1,$hi
shr \$3,$t0
xor $i1,$lo
xor $t0,$hi
mov $a1,$a12
movq \$0,0(%rsp) # tab[0]=0
xor $a2,$a12 # a1^a2
mov $a1,8(%rsp) # tab[1]=a1
mov $a4,$a48
mov $a2,16(%rsp) # tab[2]=a2
xor $a8,$a48 # a4^a8
mov $a12,24(%rsp) # tab[3]=a1^a2
xor $a4,$a1
mov $a4,32(%rsp) # tab[4]=a4
xor $a4,$a2
mov $a1,40(%rsp) # tab[5]=a1^a4
xor $a4,$a12
mov $a2,48(%rsp) # tab[6]=a2^a4
xor $a48,$a1 # a1^a4^a4^a8=a1^a8
mov $a12,56(%rsp) # tab[7]=a1^a2^a4
xor $a48,$a2 # a2^a4^a4^a8=a1^a8
mov $a8,64(%rsp) # tab[8]=a8
xor $a48,$a12 # a1^a2^a4^a4^a8=a1^a2^a8
mov $a1,72(%rsp) # tab[9]=a1^a8
xor $a4,$a1 # a1^a8^a4
mov $a2,80(%rsp) # tab[10]=a2^a8
xor $a4,$a2 # a2^a8^a4
mov $a12,88(%rsp) # tab[11]=a1^a2^a8
xor $a4,$a12 # a1^a2^a8^a4
mov $a48,96(%rsp) # tab[12]=a4^a8
mov $mask,$i0
mov $a1,104(%rsp) # tab[13]=a1^a4^a8
and $b,$i0
mov $a2,112(%rsp) # tab[14]=a2^a4^a8
shr \$4,$b
mov $a12,120(%rsp) # tab[15]=a1^a2^a4^a8
mov $mask,$i1
and $b,$i1
shr \$4,$b
movq (%rsp,$i0,8),$R # half of calculations is done in SSE2
mov $mask,$i0
and $b,$i0
shr \$4,$b
for ($n=1;$n<8;$n++) {
mov (%rsp,$i1,8),$t1
mov $mask,$i1
mov $t1,$t0
shl \$`8*$n-4`,$t1
and $b,$i1
movq (%rsp,$i0,8),$Tx
shr \$`64-(8*$n-4)`,$t0
xor $t1,$lo
pslldq \$$n,$Tx
mov $mask,$i0
shr \$4,$b
xor $t0,$hi
and $b,$i0
shr \$4,$b
pxor $Tx,$R
mov (%rsp,$i1,8),$t1
mov $t1,$t0
shl \$`8*$n-4`,$t1
movq $R,$i0
shr \$`64-(8*$n-4)`,$t0
xor $t1,$lo
psrldq \$8,$R
xor $t0,$hi
movq $R,$i1
xor $i0,$lo
xor $i1,$hi
add \$128+8,%rsp
.size _mul_1x1,.-_mul_1x1
($rp,$a1,$a0,$b1,$b0) = $win64? ("%rcx","%rdx","%r8", "%r9","%r10") : # Win64 order
("%rdi","%rsi","%rdx","%rcx","%r8"); # Unix order
.extern OPENSSL_ia32cap_P
.globl bn_GF2m_mul_2x2
.type bn_GF2m_mul_2x2,\@abi-omnipotent
.align 16
mov OPENSSL_ia32cap_P(%rip),%rax
bt \$33,%rax
jnc .Lvanilla_mul_2x2
movq $a1,%xmm0
movq $b1,%xmm1
movq $a0,%xmm2
$code.=<<___ if ($win64);
movq 40(%rsp),%xmm3
$code.=<<___ if (!$win64);
movq $b0,%xmm3
movdqa %xmm0,%xmm4
movdqa %xmm1,%xmm5
pclmulqdq \$0,%xmm1,%xmm0 # a1·b1
pxor %xmm2,%xmm4
pxor %xmm3,%xmm5
pclmulqdq \$0,%xmm3,%xmm2 # a0·b0
pclmulqdq \$0,%xmm5,%xmm4 # (a0+a1)·(b0+b1)
xorps %xmm0,%xmm4
xorps %xmm2,%xmm4 # (a0+a1)·(b0+b1)-a0·b0-a1·b1
movdqa %xmm4,%xmm5
pslldq \$8,%xmm4
psrldq \$8,%xmm5
pxor %xmm4,%xmm2
pxor %xmm5,%xmm0
movdqu %xmm2,0($rp)
movdqu %xmm0,16($rp)
.align 16
lea -8*17(%rsp),%rsp
$code.=<<___ if ($win64);
mov `8*17+40`(%rsp),$b0
mov %rdi,8*15(%rsp)
mov %rsi,8*16(%rsp)
mov %r14,8*10(%rsp)
mov %r13,8*11(%rsp)
mov %r12,8*12(%rsp)
mov %rbp,8*13(%rsp)
mov %rbx,8*14(%rsp)
mov $rp,32(%rsp) # save the arguments
mov $a1,40(%rsp)
mov $a0,48(%rsp)
mov $b1,56(%rsp)
mov $b0,64(%rsp)
mov \$0xf,$mask
mov $a1,$a
mov $b1,$b
call _mul_1x1 # a1·b1
mov $lo,16(%rsp)
mov $hi,24(%rsp)
mov 48(%rsp),$a
mov 64(%rsp),$b
call _mul_1x1 # a0·b0
mov $lo,0(%rsp)
mov $hi,8(%rsp)
mov 40(%rsp),$a
mov 56(%rsp),$b
xor 48(%rsp),$a
xor 64(%rsp),$b
call _mul_1x1 # (a0+a1)·(b0+b1)
mov 0(%rsp),@r[0]
mov 8(%rsp),@r[1]
mov 16(%rsp),@r[2]
mov 24(%rsp),@r[3]
mov 32(%rsp),%rbp
xor $hi,$lo
xor @r[1],$hi
xor @r[0],$lo
mov @r[0],0(%rbp)
xor @r[2],$hi
mov @r[3],24(%rbp)
xor @r[3],$lo
xor @r[3],$hi
xor $hi,$lo
mov $hi,16(%rbp)
mov $lo,8(%rbp)
mov 8*10(%rsp),%r14
mov 8*11(%rsp),%r13
mov 8*12(%rsp),%r12
mov 8*13(%rsp),%rbp
mov 8*14(%rsp),%rbx
$code.=<<___ if ($win64);
mov 8*15(%rsp),%rdi
mov 8*16(%rsp),%rsi
lea 8*17(%rsp),%rsp
.size bn_GF2m_mul_2x2,.-bn_GF2m_mul_2x2
.asciz "GF(2^m) Multiplication for x86_64, CRYPTOGAMS by <appro\>"
.align 16
if ($win64) {
.extern __imp_RtlVirtualUnwind
.type se_handler,\@abi-omnipotent
.align 16
push %rsi
push %rdi
push %rbx
push %rbp
push %r12
push %r13
push %r14
push %r15
sub \$64,%rsp
mov 152($context),%rax # pull context->Rsp
mov 248($context),%rbx # pull context->Rip
lea .Lbody_mul_2x2(%rip),%r10
cmp %r10,%rbx # context->Rip<"prologue" label
jb .Lin_prologue
mov 8*10(%rax),%r14 # mimic epilogue
mov 8*11(%rax),%r13
mov 8*12(%rax),%r12
mov 8*13(%rax),%rbp
mov 8*14(%rax),%rbx
mov 8*15(%rax),%rdi
mov 8*16(%rax),%rsi
mov %rbx,144($context) # restore context->Rbx
mov %rbp,160($context) # restore context->Rbp
mov %rsi,168($context) # restore context->Rsi
mov %rdi,176($context) # restore context->Rdi
mov %r12,216($context) # restore context->R12
mov %r13,224($context) # restore context->R13
mov %r14,232($context) # restore context->R14
lea 8*17(%rax),%rax
mov %rax,152($context) # restore context->Rsp
mov 40($disp),%rdi # disp->ContextRecord
mov $context,%rsi # context
mov \$154,%ecx # sizeof(CONTEXT)
.long 0xa548f3fc # cld; rep movsq
mov $disp,%rsi
xor %rcx,%rcx # arg1, UNW_FLAG_NHANDLER
mov 8(%rsi),%rdx # arg2, disp->ImageBase
mov 0(%rsi),%r8 # arg3, disp->ControlPc
mov 16(%rsi),%r9 # arg4, disp->FunctionEntry
mov 40(%rsi),%r10 # disp->ContextRecord
lea 56(%rsi),%r11 # &disp->HandlerData
lea 24(%rsi),%r12 # &disp->EstablisherFrame
mov %r10,32(%rsp) # arg5
mov %r11,40(%rsp) # arg6
mov %r12,48(%rsp) # arg7
mov %rcx,56(%rsp) # arg8, (NULL)
call *__imp_RtlVirtualUnwind(%rip)
mov \$1,%eax # ExceptionContinueSearch
add \$64,%rsp
pop %r15
pop %r14
pop %r13
pop %r12
pop %rbp
pop %rbx
pop %rdi
pop %rsi
.size se_handler,.-se_handler
.section .pdata
.align 4
.rva _mul_1x1
.rva .Lend_mul_1x1
.rva .LSEH_info_1x1
.rva .Lvanilla_mul_2x2
.rva .Lend_mul_2x2
.rva .LSEH_info_2x2
.section .xdata
.align 8
.byte 0x01,0x07,0x02,0x00
.byte 0x07,0x01,0x11,0x00 # sub rsp,128+8
.byte 9,0,0,0
.rva se_handler
$code =~ s/\`([^\`]*)\`/eval($1)/gem;
print $code;
close STDOUT;