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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <tuple>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <vector>
#include "absl/hash/hash.h"
#include "discovery/mdns/mdns_records.h"
#include "platform/api/task_runner.h"
#include "platform/base/error.h"
#include "platform/base/trivial_clock_traits.h"
#include "util/alarm.h"
namespace openscreen {
namespace discovery {
struct Config;
class MdnsRandom;
class MdnsRecord;
class MdnsRecordChangedCallback;
class MdnsSender;
// MdnsTracker is a base class for MdnsRecordTracker and MdnsQuestionTracker for
// the purposes of common code sharing only.
// Instances of this class represent nodes of a bidirectional graph, such that
// if node A is adjacent to node B, B is also adjacent to A. In this class, the
// adjacent nodes are stored in adjacency list |associated_tracker_|, and
// exposed methods to add and remove nodes from this list also modify the added
// or removed node to remove this instance from its adjacency list.
// Because MdnsQuestionTracker::AddAssocaitedRecord() can only called on
// MdnsRecordTracker objects and MdnsRecordTracker::AddAssociatedQuery() is
// only called on MdnsQuestionTracker objects, this created graph is bipartite.
// This means that MdnsRecordTracker objects are only adjacent to
// MdnsQuestionTracker objects and the opposite.
class MdnsTracker {
enum class TrackerType { kRecordTracker, kQuestionTracker };
// MdnsTracker does not own |sender|, |task_runner| and |random_delay|
// and expects that the lifetime of these objects exceeds the lifetime of
// MdnsTracker.
MdnsTracker(MdnsSender* sender,
TaskRunner* task_runner,
ClockNowFunctionPtr now_function,
MdnsRandom* random_delay,
TrackerType tracker_type);
MdnsTracker(const MdnsTracker& other) = delete;
MdnsTracker(MdnsTracker&& other) noexcept = delete;
MdnsTracker& operator=(const MdnsTracker& other) = delete;
MdnsTracker& operator=(MdnsTracker&& other) noexcept = delete;
virtual ~MdnsTracker();
// Returns the record type represented by this tracker.
TrackerType tracker_type() const { return tracker_type_; }
// Sends a query message via MdnsSender. Returns false if a follow up query
// should NOT be scheduled and true otherwise.
virtual bool SendQuery() const = 0;
// Returns the records currently associated with this tracker.
virtual std::vector<MdnsRecord> GetRecords() const = 0;
// Schedules a repeat query to be sent out.
virtual void ScheduleFollowUpQuery() = 0;
// These methods create a bidirectional adjacency with another node in the
// graph.
bool AddAdjacentNode(const MdnsTracker* tracker) const;
bool RemoveAdjacentNode(const MdnsTracker* tracker) const;
const std::vector<const MdnsTracker*>& adjacent_nodes() const {
return adjacent_nodes_;
MdnsSender* const sender_;
TaskRunner* const task_runner_;
const ClockNowFunctionPtr now_function_;
Alarm send_alarm_;
MdnsRandom* const random_delay_;
TrackerType tracker_type_;
// These methods are used to ensure the bidirectional-ness of this graph.
void AddReverseAdjacency(const MdnsTracker* tracker) const;
void RemovedReverseAdjacency(const MdnsTracker* tracker) const;
// Adjacency list for this graph node.
mutable std::vector<const MdnsTracker*> adjacent_nodes_;
class MdnsQuestionTracker;
// MdnsRecordTracker manages automatic resending of mDNS queries for
// refreshing records as they reach their expiration time.
class MdnsRecordTracker : public MdnsTracker {
using RecordExpiredCallback =
std::function<void(const MdnsRecordTracker*, const MdnsRecord&)>;
// NOTE: In the case that |record| is of type NSEC, |dns_type| is expected to
// differ from |record|'s type.
MdnsRecordTracker(MdnsRecord record,
DnsType dns_type,
MdnsSender* sender,
TaskRunner* task_runner,
ClockNowFunctionPtr now_function,
MdnsRandom* random_delay,
RecordExpiredCallback record_expired_callback);
~MdnsRecordTracker() override;
// Possible outcomes from updating a tracked record.
enum class UpdateType {
kGoodbye, // The record has a TTL of 0 and will expire.
kTTLOnly, // The record updated its TTL only.
kRdata // The record updated its RDATA.
// Updates record tracker with the new record:
// 1. Resets TTL to the value specified in |new_record|.
// 2. Schedules expiration in case of a goodbye record.
// Returns Error::Code::kParameterInvalid if new_record is not a valid update
// for the current tracked record.
ErrorOr<UpdateType> Update(const MdnsRecord& new_record);
// Adds or removed a question which this record answers.
bool AddAssociatedQuery(const MdnsQuestionTracker* question_tracker) const;
bool RemoveAssociatedQuery(const MdnsQuestionTracker* question_tracker) const;
// Sets record to expire after 1 seconds as per RFC 6762
void ExpireSoon();
// Expires the record now
void ExpireNow();
// Returns true if half of the record's TTL has passed, and false otherwise.
// Half is used due to specifications in RFC 6762 section 7.1.
bool IsNearingExpiry() const;
// Returns information about the stored record.
// NOTE: These methods are NOT all pass-through methods to |record_|.
// specifically, dns_type() returns the DNS Type associated with this record
// tracker, which may be different from the record type if |record_| is of
// type NSEC. To avoid this case, direct access to the underlying |record_|
// instance is not provided.
// In this case, creating an MdnsRecord with the below data will result in a
// runtime error due to DCHECKS and that Rdata's associated type will not
// match DnsType when |record_| is of type NSEC. Therefore, creating such
// records should be guarded by is_negative_response() checks.
const DomainName& name() const { return; }
DnsType dns_type() const { return dns_type_; }
DnsClass dns_class() const { return record_.dns_class(); }
RecordType record_type() const { return record_.record_type(); }
std::chrono::seconds ttl() const { return record_.ttl(); }
const Rdata& rdata() const { return record_.rdata(); }
bool is_negative_response() const {
return record_.dns_type() == DnsType::kNSEC;
using MdnsTracker::tracker_type;
// Needed to provide the test class access to the record stored in this
// tracker.
friend class MdnsTrackerTest;
Clock::time_point GetNextSendTime();
// MdnsTracker overrides.
bool SendQuery() const override;
void ScheduleFollowUpQuery() override;
std::vector<MdnsRecord> GetRecords() const override;
// Stores MdnsRecord provided to Start method call.
MdnsRecord record_;
// DnsType this record tracker represents. This may not match the type of
// |record_| if it is an NSEC record.
const DnsType dns_type_;
// A point in time when the record was received and the tracking has started.
Clock::time_point start_time_;
// Number of times record refresh has been attempted.
size_t attempt_count_ = 0;
RecordExpiredCallback record_expired_callback_;
// MdnsQuestionTracker manages automatic resending of mDNS queries for
// continuous monitoring with exponential back-off as described in RFC 6762.
class MdnsQuestionTracker : public MdnsTracker {
// Supported query types, per RFC 6762 section 5.
enum class QueryType { kOneShot, kContinuous };
MdnsQuestionTracker(MdnsQuestion question,
MdnsSender* sender,
TaskRunner* task_runner,
ClockNowFunctionPtr now_function,
MdnsRandom* random_delay,
const Config& config,
QueryType query_type = QueryType::kContinuous);
~MdnsQuestionTracker() override;
// Adds or removed an answer to a the question posed by this tracker.
bool AddAssociatedRecord(const MdnsRecordTracker* record_tracker) const;
bool RemoveAssociatedRecord(const MdnsRecordTracker* record_tracker) const;
// Returns a reference to the tracked question.
const MdnsQuestion& question() const { return question_; }
using MdnsTracker::tracker_type;
using RecordKey = std::tuple<DomainName, DnsType, DnsClass>;
// Determines if all answers to this query have been received.
bool HasReceivedAllResponses();
// MdnsTracker overrides.
bool SendQuery() const override;
void ScheduleFollowUpQuery() override;
std::vector<MdnsRecord> GetRecords() const override;
// Stores MdnsQuestion provided to Start method call.
MdnsQuestion question_;
// A delay between the currently scheduled and the next queries.
Clock::duration send_delay_;
// Last time that this tracker's question was asked.
mutable TrivialClockTraits::time_point last_send_time_;
// Specifies whether this query is intended to be a one-shot query, as defined
// in RFC 6762 section 5.1.
const QueryType query_type_;
// Signifies the maximum number of times a record should be announced.
int maximum_announcement_count_;
// Number of times this query has been announced.
int announcements_so_far_ = 0;
} // namespace discovery
} // namespace openscreen