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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "discovery/mdns/mdns_records.h"
#include "platform/api/time.h"
#include "platform/base/macros.h"
#include "util/alarm.h"
namespace openscreen {
struct IPEndpoint;
class TaskRunner;
namespace discovery {
struct Config;
class MdnsMessage;
class MdnsProbeManager;
class MdnsRandom;
class MdnsReceiver;
class MdnsRecordChangedCallback;
class MdnsSender;
class MdnsQuerier;
// This class is responsible for responding to any incoming mDNS Queries
// received via the OnMessageReceived() method. When responding, the generated
// MdnsMessage will contain the requested record(s) in the answers section, or
// an NSEC record to specify that the requested record was not found in the case
// of a query with DnsType aside from ANY. In the case where records are found,
// the additional records field may be populated with additional records, as
// specified in RFCs 6762 and 6763.
class MdnsResponder {
// Class to handle querying for existing records.
class RecordHandler {
virtual ~RecordHandler();
// Returns whether this service has one or more records matching the
// provided name, type, and class.
virtual bool HasRecords(const DomainName& name,
DnsType type,
DnsClass clazz) = 0;
// Returns all records owned by this service with name, type, and class
// matching the provided values.
virtual std::vector<MdnsRecord::ConstRef> GetRecords(const DomainName& name,
DnsType type,
DnsClass clazz) = 0;
// Enumerates all PTR records owned by this service.
virtual std::vector<MdnsRecord::ConstRef> GetPtrRecords(DnsClass clazz) = 0;
// |record_handler|, |sender|, |receiver|, |task_runner|, |random_delay|, and
// |config| are expected to persist for the duration of this instance's
// lifetime.
MdnsResponder(RecordHandler* record_handler,
MdnsProbeManager* ownership_handler,
MdnsSender* sender,
MdnsReceiver* receiver,
TaskRunner* task_runner,
ClockNowFunctionPtr now_function,
MdnsRandom* random_delay,
const Config& config);
// Class which handles processing and responding to queries segmented into
// multiple messages.
class TruncatedQuery {
// |responder| and |task_runner| are expected to persist for the duration of
// this instance's lifetime.
TruncatedQuery(MdnsResponder* responder,
TaskRunner* task_runner,
ClockNowFunctionPtr now_function,
IPEndpoint src,
const MdnsMessage& message,
const Config& config);
TruncatedQuery(const TruncatedQuery& other) = delete;
TruncatedQuery(TruncatedQuery&& other) = delete;
TruncatedQuery& operator=(const TruncatedQuery& other) = delete;
TruncatedQuery& operator=(TruncatedQuery&& other) = delete;
// Sets the query associated with this instance. Must only be called if no
// query has already been set, here or through the ctor.
void SetQuery(const MdnsMessage& message);
// Adds additional known answers.
void AddKnownAnswers(const std::vector<MdnsRecord>& records);
// Responds to the stored queries.
void SendResponse();
const IPEndpoint& src() const { return src_; }
const std::vector<MdnsQuestion>& questions() const { return questions_; }
const std::vector<MdnsRecord>& known_answers() const {
return known_answers_;
void RescheduleSend();
// The number of messages received so far associated with this known answer
// query.
int messages_received_so_far = 0;
const int max_allowed_messages_;
const int max_allowed_records_;
const IPEndpoint src_;
MdnsResponder* const responder_;
std::vector<MdnsQuestion> questions_;
std::vector<MdnsRecord> known_answers_;
Alarm alarm_;
// Called when a new MdnsMessage is received.
void OnMessageReceived(const MdnsMessage& message, const IPEndpoint& src);
// Responds a truncated query for which all known answers have been received.
void RespondToTruncatedQuery(TruncatedQuery* query);
// Processes a message associated with a multi-packet truncated query.
void ProcessMultiPacketTruncatedMessage(const MdnsMessage& message,
const IPEndpoint& src);
// Processes queries provided.
void ProcessQueries(const IPEndpoint& src,
const std::vector<MdnsQuestion>& questions,
const std::vector<MdnsRecord>& known_answers);
// Sends the response to the provided query.
void SendResponse(const MdnsQuestion& question,
const std::vector<MdnsRecord>& known_answers,
std::function<void(const MdnsMessage&)> send_response,
bool is_exclusive_owner);
// Set of all truncated queries received so far. Per RFC 6762 section 7.1,
// matching of a query with additional known answers should be done based on
// the source address.
// NOTE: unique_ptrs used because TruncatedQuery is not movable.
std::map<IPEndpoint, std::unique_ptr<TruncatedQuery>> truncated_queries_;
RecordHandler* const record_handler_;
MdnsProbeManager* const ownership_handler_;
MdnsSender* const sender_;
MdnsReceiver* const receiver_;
TaskRunner* const task_runner_;
const ClockNowFunctionPtr now_function_;
MdnsRandom* const random_delay_;
const Config& config_;
friend class MdnsResponderTest;
} // namespace discovery
} // namespace openscreen