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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <vector>
#include "cast/streaming/remoting.pb.h"
#include "util/flat_map.h"
namespace openscreen {
namespace cast {
// Processes incoming and outgoing RPC messages and links them to desired
// components on both end points. For outgoing messages, the messager
// must send an RPC message with associated handle value. On the messagee side,
// the message is sent to a pre-registered component using that handle.
// Before RPC communication starts, both sides need to negotiate the handle
// value in the existing RPC communication channel using the special handles
// |kAcquire*Handle|.
// NOTE: RpcBroker doesn't actually send RPC messages to the remote. The session
// messager needs to set SendMessageCallback, and call ProcessMessageFromRemote
// as appropriate. The RpcBroker then distributes each RPC message to the
// subscribed component.
class RpcBroker {
using Handle = int;
using ReceiveMessageCallback = std::function<void(const RpcMessage&)>;
using SendMessageCallback = std::function<void(std::vector<uint8_t>)>;
explicit RpcBroker(SendMessageCallback send_message_cb);
RpcBroker(const RpcBroker&) = delete;
RpcBroker(RpcBroker&&) noexcept;
RpcBroker& operator=(const RpcBroker&) = delete;
RpcBroker& operator=(RpcBroker&&);
// Get unique handle value for RPC message handles.
Handle GetUniqueHandle();
// Register a component to receive messages via the given
// ReceiveMessageCallback. |handle| is a unique handle value provided by a
// prior call to GetUniqueHandle() and is used to reference the component in
// the RPC messages. The receiver can then use it to direct an RPC message
// back to a specific component.
void RegisterMessageReceiverCallback(Handle handle,
ReceiveMessageCallback callback);
// Allows components to unregister in order to stop receiving message.
void UnregisterMessageReceiverCallback(Handle handle);
// Distributes an incoming RPC message to the registered (if any) component.
void ProcessMessageFromRemote(const RpcMessage& message);
// Executes the |send_message_cb_| using |message|.
void SendMessageToRemote(const RpcMessage& message);
// Checks if the handle is registered for receiving messages. Test-only.
bool IsRegisteredForTesting(Handle handle);
// Predefined invalid handle value for RPC message.
static constexpr Handle kInvalidHandle = -1;
// Predefined handle values for RPC messages related to initialization (before
// the receiver handle(s) are known).
static constexpr Handle kAcquireRendererHandle = 0;
static constexpr Handle kAcquireDemuxerHandle = 1;
// The first handle to return from GetUniqueHandle().
static constexpr Handle kFirstHandle = 100;
// Next unique handle to return from GetUniqueHandle().
Handle next_handle_;
// Maps of handle values to associated MessageReceivers.
FlatMap<Handle, ReceiveMessageCallback> receive_callbacks_;
// Callback that is ran to send a serialized message.
SendMessageCallback send_message_cb_;
} // namespace cast
} // namespace openscreen