Raspberry Pi

The following instructions apply to the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.2. Other models may work just fine but YMMV.

Preparing the Raspberry Pi

You will need:

  • 4GB or bigger microSD card
  • USB drive adapter or other way to flash microSD
  • (Optional) 802.11 USB WiFi nano module - recommended model

Either of the flash instructions below will make a bootable microSD card.

Flashing via GUI

  1. Download Raspbian Lite
  2. Download Etcher for your OS
  3. Plug in the microSD card
  4. Run Etcher, select the Raspbian zipfile and the microSD card, click Flash
  5. Make a coffee

Flashing via commandline

TODO(mfoltz): Write a script

Logging in and configuring WiFi

TODO(mfoltz): Figure this out

Compiling for Raspberry Pi


Deploying and Running OSP