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// fst-decl.h
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// Copyright 2005-2010 Google, Inc.
// Author: (Michael Riley)
// \file
// This file contains declarations of classes in the Fst template library.
#ifndef FST_LIB_FST_DECL_H__
#define FST_LIB_FST_DECL_H__
#include <fst/types.h>
namespace fst {
class SymbolTable;
class SymbolTableIterator;
template <class W> class FloatWeightTpl;
template <class W> class TropicalWeightTpl;
template <class W> class LogWeightTpl;
template <class W> class MinMaxWeightTpl;
typedef FloatWeightTpl<float> FloatWeight;
typedef TropicalWeightTpl<float> TropicalWeight;
typedef LogWeightTpl<float> LogWeight;
typedef MinMaxWeightTpl<float> MinMaxWeight;
template <class W> class ArcTpl;
typedef ArcTpl<TropicalWeight> StdArc;
typedef ArcTpl<LogWeight> LogArc;
template <class A, class C, class U = uint32> class CompactFst;
template <class A, class U = uint32> class ConstFst;
template <class A, class W, class M> class EditFst;
template <class A> class ExpandedFst;
template <class A> class Fst;
template <class A> class MutableFst;
template <class A> class VectorFst;
template <class A, class C> class ArcSortFst;
template <class A> class ClosureFst;
template <class A> class ComposeFst;
template <class A> class ConcatFst;
template <class A> class DeterminizeFst;
template <class A> class DifferenceFst;
template <class A> class IntersectFst;
template <class A> class InvertFst;
template <class A, class B, class C> class ArcMapFst;
template <class A> class ProjectFst;
template <class A, class B, class S> class RandGenFst;
template <class A> class RelabelFst;
template <class A, class T> class ReplaceFst;
template <class A> class RmEpsilonFst;
template <class A> class UnionFst;
template <class T, class Compare, bool max> class Heap;
template <class A> class AcceptorCompactor;
template <class A> class StringCompactor;
template <class A> class UnweightedAcceptorCompactor;
template <class A> class UnweightedCompactor;
template <class A> class WeightedStringCompactor;
template <class A, class P> class DefaultReplaceStateTable;
typedef CompactFst<StdArc, AcceptorCompactor<StdArc> >
typedef CompactFst< StdArc, StringCompactor<StdArc> >
typedef CompactFst<StdArc, UnweightedAcceptorCompactor<StdArc> >
typedef CompactFst<StdArc, UnweightedCompactor<StdArc> >
typedef CompactFst< StdArc, WeightedStringCompactor<StdArc> >
typedef ConstFst<StdArc> StdConstFst;
typedef ExpandedFst<StdArc> StdExpandedFst;
typedef Fst<StdArc> StdFst;
typedef MutableFst<StdArc> StdMutableFst;
typedef VectorFst<StdArc> StdVectorFst;
template <class C> class StdArcSortFst;
typedef ClosureFst<StdArc> StdClosureFst;
typedef ComposeFst<StdArc> StdComposeFst;
typedef ConcatFst<StdArc> StdConcatFst;
typedef DeterminizeFst<StdArc> StdDeterminizeFst;
typedef DifferenceFst<StdArc> StdDifferenceFst;
typedef IntersectFst<StdArc> StdIntersectFst;
typedef InvertFst<StdArc> StdInvertFst;
typedef ProjectFst<StdArc> StdProjectFst;
typedef RelabelFst<StdArc> StdRelabelFst;
typedef ReplaceFst<StdArc, DefaultReplaceStateTable<StdArc, ssize_t> >
typedef RmEpsilonFst<StdArc> StdRmEpsilonFst;
typedef UnionFst<StdArc> StdUnionFst;
template <typename T> class IntegerFilterState;
typedef IntegerFilterState<signed char> CharFilterState;
typedef IntegerFilterState<short> ShortFilterState;
typedef IntegerFilterState<int> IntFilterState;
template <class F> class Matcher;
template <class M1, class M2 = M1> class SequenceComposeFilter;
template <class M1, class M2 = M1> class AltSequenceComposeFilter;
template <class M1, class M2 = M1> class MatchComposeFilter;
} // namespace fst
#endif // FST_LIB_FST_DECL_H__