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#include "precomp.hpp"
using namespace cv;
using namespace cv::cuda;
#if !defined (HAVE_CUDA) || !defined(HAVE_OPENCV_CUDAIMGPROC) || defined (CUDA_DISABLER)
void cv::cuda::createOpticalFlowNeedleMap(const GpuMat&, const GpuMat&, GpuMat&, GpuMat&) { throw_no_cuda(); }
namespace cv { namespace cuda { namespace device
namespace optical_flow
void NeedleMapAverage_gpu(PtrStepSzf u, PtrStepSzf v, PtrStepSzf u_avg, PtrStepSzf v_avg);
void CreateOpticalFlowNeedleMap_gpu(PtrStepSzf u_avg, PtrStepSzf v_avg, float* vertex_buffer, float* color_data, float max_flow, float xscale, float yscale);
void cv::cuda::createOpticalFlowNeedleMap(const GpuMat& u, const GpuMat& v, GpuMat& vertex, GpuMat& colors)
using namespace cv::cuda::device::optical_flow;
CV_Assert(u.type() == CV_32FC1);
CV_Assert(v.type() == u.type() && v.size() == u.size());
const int NEEDLE_MAP_SCALE = 16;
const int x_needles = u.cols / NEEDLE_MAP_SCALE;
const int y_needles = u.rows / NEEDLE_MAP_SCALE;
GpuMat u_avg(y_needles, x_needles, CV_32FC1);
GpuMat v_avg(y_needles, x_needles, CV_32FC1);
NeedleMapAverage_gpu(u, v, u_avg, v_avg);
const int NUM_VERTS_PER_ARROW = 6;
const int num_arrows = x_needles * y_needles * NUM_VERTS_PER_ARROW;
vertex.create(1, num_arrows, CV_32FC3);
colors.create(1, num_arrows, CV_32FC3);
double uMax, vMax;
cuda::minMax(u_avg, 0, &uMax);
cuda::minMax(v_avg, 0, &vMax);
float max_flow = static_cast<float>(std::sqrt(uMax * uMax + vMax * vMax));
CreateOpticalFlowNeedleMap_gpu(u_avg, v_avg, vertex.ptr<float>(), colors.ptr<float>(), max_flow, 1.0f / u.cols, 1.0f / u.rows);
cuda::cvtColor(colors, colors, COLOR_HSV2RGB);
#endif /* HAVE_CUDA */