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/* ------------------------------------------------------------------
* Copyright (C) 1998-2009 PacketVideo
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* express or implied.
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions
* and limitations under the License.
* -------------------------------------------------------------------
#include "pvmi_mio_control.h"
#include "pvmi_media_transfer.h"
#include "oscl_scheduler_ao.h"
#include "pvmi_media_io_observer.h"
#include "pvmi_config_and_capability.h"
#include "oscl_string_containers.h"
#include "pvmi_media_io_clock_extension.h"
#include "ccyuv422toyuv420.h"
class PVLogger;
class PVMFMediaClock;
class ColorConvertBase;
class PVFMVideoMIOGetFrameObserver
virtual void HandleFrameReadyEvent(PVMFStatus aEventStatus) = 0;
// Provide the clock interface so the MIO can do synchronization
class PVFMVideoMIOActiveTimingSupport: public PvmiClockExtensionInterface
PVFMVideoMIOActiveTimingSupport() :
virtual ~PVFMVideoMIOActiveTimingSupport()
// From PvmiClockExtensionInterface
PVMFStatus SetClock(PVMFMediaClock *aClock);
// From PVInterface
void addRef() ;
void removeRef() ;
bool queryInterface(const PVUuid& uuid, PVInterface*& iface) ;
void queryUuid(PVUuid& uuid);
PVMFMediaClock* iClock;
// This class implements the media IO component for extracting video frames
// for pvFrameAndMetadata utility.
// This class constitutes the Media IO component
class PVFMVideoMIO : public OsclTimerObject,
public PvmiMIOControl,
public PvmiMediaTransfer,
public PvmiCapabilityAndConfig
// Frame retrieval APIs
PVMFStatus GetFrameByFrameNumber(uint32 aFrameIndex, uint8* aFrameBuffer, uint32& aBufferSize, PVMFFormatType aFormaType, PVFMVideoMIOGetFrameObserver& aObserver);
PVMFStatus GetFrameByTimeoffset(uint32 aTimeOffset, uint8* aFrameBuffer, uint32& aBufferSize, PVMFFormatType aFormatType, PVFMVideoMIOGetFrameObserver& aObserver);
PVMFStatus CancelGetFrame(void);
PVMFStatus GetFrameProperties(uint32& aFrameWidth, uint32& aFrameHeight, uint32& aDisplayWidth, uint32& aDisplayHeight);
// From PvmiMIOControl
PVMFStatus connect(PvmiMIOSession& aSession, PvmiMIOObserver* aObserver);
PVMFStatus disconnect(PvmiMIOSession aSession);
PVMFCommandId QueryUUID(const PvmfMimeString& aMimeType, Oscl_Vector<PVUuid, OsclMemAllocator>& aUuids,
bool aExactUuidsOnly = false, const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
PVMFCommandId QueryInterface(const PVUuid& aUuid, PVInterface*& aInterfacePtr, const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
PvmiMediaTransfer* createMediaTransfer(PvmiMIOSession& aSession, PvmiKvp* read_formats = NULL, int32 read_flags = 0,
PvmiKvp* write_formats = NULL, int32 write_flags = 0);
void deleteMediaTransfer(PvmiMIOSession& aSession, PvmiMediaTransfer* media_transfer);
PVMFCommandId Init(const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
PVMFCommandId Reset(const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
PVMFCommandId Start(const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
PVMFCommandId Pause(const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
PVMFCommandId Flush(const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
PVMFCommandId DiscardData(const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
PVMFCommandId DiscardData(PVMFTimestamp aTimestamp, const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
PVMFCommandId Stop(const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
PVMFCommandId CancelAllCommands(const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
PVMFCommandId CancelCommand(PVMFCommandId aCmdId, const OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
void ThreadLogon();
void ThreadLogoff();
// From PvmiMediaTransfer
void setPeer(PvmiMediaTransfer* aPeer);
void useMemoryAllocators(OsclMemAllocator* write_alloc = NULL);
PVMFCommandId writeAsync(uint8 format_type, int32 format_index, uint8* data, uint32 data_len,
const PvmiMediaXferHeader& data_header_info, OsclAny* aContext = NULL);
void writeComplete(PVMFStatus aStatus, PVMFCommandId write_cmd_id, OsclAny* aContext);
PVMFCommandId readAsync(uint8* data, uint32 max_data_len, OsclAny* aContext = NULL,
int32* formats = NULL, uint16 num_formats = 0);
void readComplete(PVMFStatus aStatus, PVMFCommandId read_cmd_id, int32 format_index,
const PvmiMediaXferHeader& data_header_info, OsclAny* aContext);
void statusUpdate(uint32 status_flags);
void cancelCommand(PVMFCommandId command_id);
void cancelAllCommands();
// From PvmiCapabilityAndConfig
void setObserver(PvmiConfigAndCapabilityCmdObserver* aObserver);
PVMFStatus getParametersSync(PvmiMIOSession aSession, PvmiKeyType aIdentifier, PvmiKvp*& aParameters,
int& num_parameter_elements, PvmiCapabilityContext aContext);
PVMFStatus releaseParameters(PvmiMIOSession aSession, PvmiKvp* aParameters, int num_elements);
void createContext(PvmiMIOSession aSession, PvmiCapabilityContext& aContext);
void setContextParameters(PvmiMIOSession aSession, PvmiCapabilityContext& aContext, PvmiKvp* aParameters,
int num_parameter_elements);
void DeleteContext(PvmiMIOSession aSession, PvmiCapabilityContext& aContext);
void setParametersSync(PvmiMIOSession aSession, PvmiKvp* aParameters, int num_elements, PvmiKvp*& aRet_kvp);
PVMFCommandId setParametersAsync(PvmiMIOSession aSession, PvmiKvp* aParameters, int num_elements,
PvmiKvp*& aRet_kvp, OsclAny* context = NULL);
uint32 getCapabilityMetric(PvmiMIOSession aSession);
PVMFStatus verifyParametersSync(PvmiMIOSession aSession, PvmiKvp* aParameters, int num_elements);
void setThumbnailDimensions(uint32 aWidth, uint32 aHeight);
void InitData();
// From OsclTimerObject
void Run();
void Reschedule();
void Cleanup();
void ResetData();
// Copy video frame data to provided including YUV to RGB conversion if necessary
PVMFStatus CopyVideoFrameData(uint8* aSrcBuffer, uint32 aSrcSize, PVMFFormatType aSrcFormat,
uint8* aDestBuffer, uint32& aDestSize, PVMFFormatType aDestFormat,
uint32 iSrcWidth, uint32 iSrcHeight, uint32 iDestWidth, uint32 iDestHeight);
PVMFStatus CreateYUVToRGBColorConverter(ColorConvertBase*& aCC, PVMFFormatType aRGBFormatType);
PVMFStatus DestroyYUVToRGBColorConverter(ColorConvertBase*& aCC, PVMFFormatType aRGBFormatType);
void convertYUV420SPtoYUV420(void* src, void* dst, uint32 len);
PVMFStatus CreateYUV422toYUV420ColorConvert();
PVMFStatus InitYUV422toYUV420ColorConvert(uint32 aSrcWidth, uint32 aSrcHeight,
uint32 aDestWidth, uint32 aDestHeight);
void DestroyYUV422toYUV420ColorConvert();
PvmiMediaTransfer* iPeer;
// The PvmiMIOControl class observer.
PvmiMIOObserver* iObserver;
// For generating command IDs
uint32 iCommandCounter;
// State
enum PVFMVMIOState
PVFMVMIOState iState;
// Control command handling.
class CommandResponse
CommandResponse(PVMFStatus s, PVMFCommandId id, const OsclAny* ctx)
: iStatus(s), iCmdId(id), iContext(ctx)
PVMFStatus iStatus;
PVMFCommandId iCmdId;
const OsclAny* iContext;
Oscl_Vector<CommandResponse, OsclMemAllocator> iCommandResponseQueue;
void QueueCommandResponse(CommandResponse&);
// Write command handling
class WriteResponse
WriteResponse(PVMFStatus s, PVMFCommandId id, const OsclAny* ctx, const PVMFTimestamp& ts)
: iStatus(s), iCmdId(id), iContext(ctx), iTimestamp(ts)
PVMFStatus iStatus;
PVMFCommandId iCmdId;
const OsclAny* iContext;
PVMFTimestamp iTimestamp;
Oscl_Vector<WriteResponse, OsclMemAllocator> iWriteResponseQueue;
// Video parameters
PVMFFormatType iVideoFormat;
PVMFFormatType iVideoSubFormat;
uint32 iVideoHeight;
bool iVideoHeightValid;
uint32 iVideoWidth;
bool iVideoWidthValid;
uint32 iVideoDisplayHeight;
bool iVideoDisplayHeightValid;
uint32 iVideoDisplayWidth;
bool iVideoDisplayWidthValid;
bool iIsMIOConfigured;
bool iWriteBusy;
uint32 iThumbnailWidth;
uint32 iThumbnailHeight;
// Color converter if YUV to RGB is needed
ColorConvertBase* iColorConverter;
PVMFFormatType iCCRGBFormatType;
// For logging
PVLogger* iLogger;
// MIO clock extension so synchronization would be handled in MIO
PVFMVideoMIOActiveTimingSupport iActiveTiming;
// For frame retrieval feature
struct PVFMVideoMIOFrameRetrieval
bool iRetrievalRequested;
PVFMVideoMIOGetFrameObserver* iGetFrameObserver;
bool iUseFrameIndex;
bool iUseTimeOffset;
uint32 iFrameIndex;
uint32 iReceivedFrameCount;
uint32 iTimeOffset;
bool iStartingTSSet;
uint32 iStartingTS;
PVMFFormatType iFrameFormatType;
uint8* iFrameBuffer;
uint32* iBufferSize;
uint32 iFrameWidth;
uint32 iFrameHeight;
PVFMVideoMIOFrameRetrieval iFrameRetrievalInfo;
Oscl_Vector<PVMFFormatType, OsclMemAllocator> iInputFormatCapability;
CCYUV422toYUV420 *iYUV422toYUV420ColorConvert;