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/* ------------------------------------------------------------------
* Copyright (C) 1998-2009 PacketVideo
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* express or implied.
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions
* and limitations under the License.
* -------------------------------------------------------------------
/** \file pv_interface_proxy.h
\brief Main include file for PV Proxy Implementation.
#include "oscl_mem.h"
#include "oscl_vector.h"
#include "pv_proxied_interface.h"
#include "oscl_scheduler.h"
#include "oscl_mutex.h"
#include "oscl_semaphore.h"
class CPVInterfaceProxyHandler;
class CPVInterfaceProxyNotifier;
class OsclExecScheduler;
class PVLogger;
class Oscl_DefAlloc;
//list element for the proxy message queues.
class CPVProxyMsg
CPVProxyMsg(TPVProxyId id, TPVProxyMsgId MsgId, OsclAny *msg)
: iProxyId(id), iMsgId(MsgId), iMsg(msg)
TPVProxyId iProxyId;
TPVProxyMsgId iMsgId;
OsclAny *iMsg;
//list element for the proxy interface list
class CPVProxyInterface
CPVProxyInterface(TPVProxyId a, PVProxiedInterfaceServer* b, PVProxiedInterfaceClient* c): iProxyId(a), iServer(b), iClient(c)
TPVProxyId iProxyId;
PVProxiedInterfaceServer *iServer;
PVProxiedInterfaceClient *iClient;
const int32 PVPROXY_DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE = 0x2000;
** Implementation of PVMainProxy
class CPVInterfaceProxy: public PVMainProxy
** Create the proxy.
** @param app: the engine to create under the PV thread.
** @param alloc: optional memory allocator. If null, a default
** allocator will be used.
** @param stacksize: optional stacksize for the PV thread.
** @param nreserveInterfaceList: optional reserve size for
** the interface list-- to prevent dynamic allocation
** in calls to RegisterProxiedInterfaceL.
** @param nreserveMessageLists: optional reserve sizes for
** the command and notification queues-- to prevent
** dynamic allocation by SendCommandL and SendNotificationL
** @param handlerPri: priority of the command handler active
** object (in the PV thread).
** @param notifierPri: priority of the notifier handler active
** object in the app thread-- if there is one.
OSCL_IMPORT_REF static CPVInterfaceProxy * NewL(
PVProxiedEngine& app
, Oscl_DefAlloc *alloc = NULL
, int32 stacksize = PVPROXY_DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE
, uint32 nreserveInterfaceList = 20
, uint32 nreserveMessageLists = 20
, int32 handlerPri = OsclActiveObject::EPriorityNominal + 1
, int32 notifierPri = OsclActiveObject::EPriorityNominal + 1
** Cleanup API. This call will stop the PV thread if needed
** and then delete the object. This call differs from the
** destructor only in that it uses the chosen memory allocator
** to delete the memory.
OSCL_IMPORT_REF void Delete();
//From PVMainProxy
OSCL_IMPORT_REF TPVProxyId RegisterProxiedInterface(
PVProxiedInterfaceServer& server_proxy,
PVProxiedInterfaceClient& client_proxy) ;
OSCL_IMPORT_REF void UnregisterProxiedInterface(TPVProxyId aProxyId) ;
OSCL_IMPORT_REF TPVProxyMsgId SendCommand(TPVProxyId aProxyId, OsclAny *aCmd);
OSCL_IMPORT_REF void CancelCommand(TPVProxyId aProxyId, TPVProxyMsgId aMsgId);
OSCL_IMPORT_REF void CancelAllCommands(TPVProxyId aProxyId);
OSCL_IMPORT_REF TPVProxyMsgId SendNotification(TPVProxyId aProxyId, OsclAny *aResp);
OSCL_IMPORT_REF void CancelNotification(TPVProxyId aProxyId, TPVProxyMsgId aMsgId);
OSCL_IMPORT_REF void CancelAllNotifications(TPVProxyId aProxyId);
OSCL_IMPORT_REF void StopPVThread();
OSCL_IMPORT_REF bool StartPVThread();
OSCL_IMPORT_REF void DeliverNotifications(int32 aCount, int32& aNoticesPending);
int32 AppThreadLogon();
int32 AppThreadLogoff();
int32 AppStartScheduler();
int32 CPVIConstructL(uint32&, uint32&, int32&, int32&);
OSCL_IMPORT_REF CPVInterfaceProxy(PVProxiedEngine&, Oscl_DefAlloc*, int32);
OSCL_IMPORT_REF void ConstructL(uint32, uint32, int32, int32);
OSCL_IMPORT_REF virtual ~CPVInterfaceProxy();
//PV Thread stuff..
PVThreadContext iPVThreadContext;
int32 iStacksize;
OsclExecScheduler *iPVScheduler;
PVLogger *iLogger;
void InThread();
OsclThread iPVThread;
//The handler and notfier AOs.
CPVInterfaceProxyHandler *iHandler;
CPVInterfaceProxyNotifier *iNotifier;
OsclSemaphore iInitSem;
bool iStopped;
OsclSemaphore iExitedSem;
//proxy Id counter
int32 iProxyIdCounter;
//command Id counter
OsclNoYieldMutex iCounterCrit;
int32 iCommandIdCounter;
//the proxy list
OsclNoYieldMutex iProxyListCrit;
Oscl_Vector<CPVProxyInterface, OsclMemAllocator> iProxyList;
CPVProxyInterface* FindInterface(TPVProxyId aId, bool locked = false);
void CleanupInterfaceMessages(CPVProxyInterface *aExt);
//Note: The message queues need to be thread safe and therefore
//must use a basic allocator that does not use the PV memory management.
//The message queues-- handler side
OsclNoYieldMutex iHandlerQueueCrit;
Oscl_Vector<CPVProxyMsg, OsclMemAllocator> iCommandQueue;
//The message queues-- notifier side
OsclNoYieldMutex iNotifierQueueCrit;
Oscl_Vector<CPVProxyMsg, OsclMemAllocator> iNotificationQueue;
void CleanupAppThreadQueues();
void CleanupPVThreadQueues();
void CleanupNotifications(CPVProxyInterface *aExt, bool aAll, TPVProxyMsgId aMsgId = 0);
void CleanupCommands(CPVProxyInterface *aExt, bool aAll, TPVProxyMsgId aMsgId = 0);
OsclMemAllocator iDefAlloc;
Oscl_DefAlloc *iAlloc;
PVProxiedEngine &iPVApp;
friend class CPVInterfaceProxyHandler;
friend class CPVInterfaceProxyNotifier;
friend TOsclThreadFuncRet OSCL_THREAD_DECL pvproxythreadmain(TOsclThreadFuncArg *aPtr);
#endif //