Pin the jdi-support library to java_version 1.8.

This class relies on Java 8-only constructs such as the jdk.Exported
annotation and won't compile when targetting Java language level 9.

It is only used for testing, specifically in
CtsJdwpTunnelHostTestCases. With this change, those tests pass on a
build done with EXPERIMENTAL_USE_OPENJDK9=true (which changes the
default to target Java language level 9). (This change is a no-op
without that setting.)

Bug: 131678633
Test: `cts-tradefed run cts-dev -m CtsJdwpTunnelHostTestCases` with `EXPERIMENTAL_USE_OPENJDK9=true`
Change-Id: I465980785b815dea7563ca0aeed1924d7d7dfa39
1 file changed