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Oboe Build Status

Introduction to Oboe video

Oboe is a C++ library which makes it easy to build high-performance audio apps on Android. It was created primarily to allow developers to target a simplified API that works across multiple API levels back to API level 16 (Jelly Bean).


  • Compatible with API 16 onwards - runs on 99% of Android devices
  • Chooses the audio API (OpenSL ES on API 16+ or AAudio on API 27+) which will give the best audio performance on the target Android device
  • Automatic latency tuning
  • Modern C++ allowing you to write clean, elegant code
  • Workarounds for some known issues
  • Used by popular apps and frameworks


To build Oboe you‘ll need a compiler which supports C++14 and the Android header files. The easiest way to obtain these is by downloading the Android NDK r17 or above. It can be installed using Android Studio’s SDK manager, or via direct download.




Sample code and apps

Third party sample code


We would love to receive your pull requests. Before we can though, please read the contributing guidelines.

Version history

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